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ILLI13 10-04-12 11:25 AM

Advice for newbie: Citizen Gotham2 vs Origami Cricket
I recently decided to get a bike and wanted to get a folder after seeing one in the park magically appearing from the trunk of a car... :thumb:
I have been bikeless for about 18 years after owning a Soviet made 'Kama" folder (pretty sure nobody outside of USSR ever heard of it). I am 5'10" about 175 lbs and need a bike for some casual city riding and occasional park trail rides. I live on the top of a small hill so multi-speed would be my preference. My budget is around $350-400.
I have spent multiple hours on this forum reading threads and searching internet and kind of narrowed down my options to Citizen Gotham 2 and Origami Cricket.
They are similarly priced, weigh the same and both look cool :). Cricket offers much more for a price (disk brakes, suspension), but is relatively unknown and I could not find a good review even on this forum. Citizen has mush more reviews online and majority are positive.
I have seen some people here buying Origami bikes, but did not report their experience: initial bike quality, quality of suspension, how does it ride... Also the origami web-site says it has 6 speeds, but the you tube video mentions 7 speeds.
If anyone has either Gotham 2 or Cricket bike, could you please share your experience.

tds101 10-04-12 12:25 PM

Have you considered the Melon Slice as well? Great inexpensive ride, nice on hills, fast, solid build quality.

ILLI13 10-04-12 12:53 PM

I looked at it. Its a nice looking bike, but a bit outside of my budget (about $100 more than Gotham 2). Seems like handle is not adjustable and I will need to get fenders and rack for it.
Thanks for the advice, though.

tds101 10-04-12 02:43 PM

BTW, I'd go with the cricket. We have a member who will most likely post in this thread soon enough. He's someone from Origami,...and they take their bike & customers quite seriously. I hear quite a bit of good about them,...please be patient.
And I really should have just recommended the cricket outright,...duh!

Pinigis 10-04-12 07:06 PM

Disclaimer: The following may be biased since I own the Origami Bicycle Company.

First, thank you for considering our Cricket. As you alluded to, we are a relatively young company and cannot claim the track record of Citizen. But, we are dedicated to providing a quality product, good customer service, and competitive pricing.

The current model is slightly different than the one shown in the Youtube video. We improved the hinges, changed the handlebar fold so that the handlebar nests between the halves of the frame when folded, installed steel fenders in lieu of plastic, and improved the geometry of the headtube for better handling. We changed to 6 speeds vs. 7 by eliminating one middle gear; the highest and lowest gear are the same as we had on the 7 speed. We may go back to installing the 7 speed simply for marketing purposes; it does little to improve the utility of the bike but people seem to favor the higher number.

northernlights 10-04-12 07:38 PM

I would lean toward the origami cricket but you cant go wrong with either one.. where else can you get a folding bike with disc brakes for under $400? plus dual suspension and a rear rack on top of that? if the quality is good that's an incredible deal .

Dynocoaster 10-04-12 08:29 PM

I would look at the Origami Crane, lightweight and enough gears to do the kind of riding you mentioned.

ILLI13 10-04-12 09:01 PM


Thanks for the reply, I knew you would not miss this thread :). I noticed you are replying to every Origami related thread, which is a sign of the dedicated owner. I appreciate the gear clarification. You are correct as to the not very experienced rider (like myself) higher number of gears will usually seem to be better. However in this case I guess it does not make much of a difference.

I did look at Crane and it also looks appealing. However, I do like the looks and color of the Cricket (Aluminum) better, plus it offers more features which I should be able to afford.

Still it would be nice to hear from someone who actually owns an Origami bike about the quality. I know $400 is not a lot of money for a bike, but it is still an investment...

edwong3 10-12-12 06:49 AM

I'd say, you can't go wrong with either model. It depends on what you're looking for in a folder. Apparently you like having suspension, and if that's the case, then the Origami might be a good fit.

One thing to consider with the Gotham 2 is that it will be capable of more performance, and with it's Megarange 14-34 freewheel, give you the ability to tackle tough hills, but then again, you might never do that kind of riding.

Like I said, either or. Go with the one that appeals to you the most.

Good luck.

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