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Ciwan 10-06-12 07:16 AM

Fitting Ergon GP1 Grips on Brompton M-Type
Hi Guys

Got my Ergon GP1 Grips today, I ordered the Small/Medium ones from Evans Cycles, here is Order detail screenshot.

From watching this video tutorial, I can see that the metal handle bar needs to come in all the way to the edge (perhaps one mm or two before) of the grip.

However, here are a couple of pictures of what mine look like:

As you can see, the metal doesn't come up to the lip, and I can not push back the grip any further. The only solution I can see is cutting the excess with a fine saw or something similar, what do you guys think ?

Thank You.

fietsbob 10-06-12 10:32 AM

I fit the shorter, 'grip shift' version on with no problems.. return and exchange,

or, measure how much bar space you have, then cut off the extra from the
standard length grips you have.

someone before shared their steps to do that.. look in archives, here.

tds101 10-06-12 12:21 PM

The bar is too short for the grips,...

trrubicon06 10-06-12 01:13 PM

That's one of my issues with the stock levers...they take up too much space on the bars. I switched out my levers with a set with smaller clamping surface. The lock on grips I have now were still about 10-15mm too I sawed the inner end off. Works fine now. Too me the gripshift grips are too small for my hands.

jerrysimon 10-06-12 03:01 PM

Yep when I first got these I have to cut them shorter but as stated, if you can, best to return and get them replaced with the grip shift (both sides) version.

I recently fitted some again to my other Brompton and got the shorter grip shift ones from here, cheaper than Evans.

Note small and large for different sized hands.



Ciwan 10-06-12 05:07 PM

Thanks Guys, I'll call Evans Cycles and see if I'm allowed to return them. I've lost the packaging. :cry:

jerrysimon 10-07-12 02:01 AM

If not all is not lost as they are easy to cut back to fit.

These are the cork ones but the principle is the same



chagzuki 10-07-12 06:04 AM

The 2013 brake levers will allow a couple of cm extra grip space.
I don't worry about cutting grips down as when I change spacing around I fill the gaps with cut-offs of foam grips. This removes the need for everything to be measured with exactitude and saves a few grams of weight. But it might be worthwhile putting the original grips back on for a few months until the 2013 brake levers are available to buy. They'll increase braking power significantly.

Ciwan 10-08-12 02:34 AM

Thanks Chagzuki, the 2013 brake levers you mention, are they from Brompton themselves ?

chagzuki 10-08-12 07:30 AM

Yeah, images have been circulating on sites including this one. It appears the levers will be standard on 2013 Brompton bikes and one would expect them to be available individually soon after.

fietsbob 10-08-12 08:49 AM

Lots of people have fitted 2 finger cantilever pull mtb levers,that had a thinner band .

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