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Pobble.808 10-06-12 07:39 AM

newbie question - Raleigh Twenty cables
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I just acquired a Raleigh Twenty folder on eBay, and it generally seems to be in pretty good shape. But I'm wondering about the way that the shifter and rear brake cables are wrapped around behind the head tube rather than hanging loose in front of it - it seems pretty unusual, although somewhat to my surprise it does not seem to affect performance in shifting/braking or in turning. If that continues to be the case as I put the bike through its paces, is there any reason that I should undo this arrangement and place the cables in "normal" position?


bargainguy 10-06-12 07:50 AM

I don't like the present arrangement. Much better to ziptie the housings to the frame on the same side than wrapping them around the frame like that.


badmother 10-06-12 04:19 PM

Try turning the wheel to the left, continue going left 360* (all the way around) one whole turn until the front wheel has gone under the downtube and continue turning until it is back in its right position. I would expect the cables to be approx where they should be.

Pobble.808 10-08-12 07:58 AM

Thanks for the suggestions. I agree that it doesn't look or feel right. Unfortunately the front wheel only turns 90 degrees in each direction. Looks like the simplest way to disentangle it would be by uncoupling the two halves of the bike, guess I'll give that a try.
[EDIT:] Turns out that the fix was simply to pull out the handlebar post, move the cables in front of the head tube, and reinsert the post. Duh!

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