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BikeConvert 10-06-12 11:28 PM

Marlboro Fuji folder; simple folding instructions, please.
Can someone post a simple 1,2,3,... on how to fold a Marlboro Fuji. Please.

I did Google and only found a very gerneral Fuji manual.
Also I did not find a thread on this topic; it is probably too fundamental,
although, I did see someone asked the question on Youtube (went unanswered).

Thanks in advance.

badmother 10-07-12 12:29 AM

A picture of the bike would help...

jolly_ross 10-07-12 01:22 AM

1 Attachment(s)

- insert bike
- close door
- press red button

(unfolding not so simple)

bargainguy 10-07-12 07:20 AM

Having just purchased one a couple weeks ago, I can tell you how I do it.

1. Fold both pedals. Accomplished by turning a little "screw" atop each pedal to the open position, then fold. The closed position prevents them from folding.

2. Undo the seatpost QR and pull saddle & seatpost out entirely, set aside.

3. Bike now folds in half, bring the front end around to the back end.

4. Undo the stem QR if you want to turn the bars 90 degrees to keep them parallel to rest of folded bike.

5. You can replace the seatpost/saddle back in the upper section of seat tube to keep everything together.

When reversing the process, the only thing to really watch for is to align the two sections of seat tube to allow the seatpost/saddle to make a rigid bike again. You'll figure out how it works once you pull out the seatpost/saddle.


BikeConvert 10-07-12 08:01 PM

Thanks Don; it is very simple after all.

bargainguy 10-07-12 08:24 PM

You bet. Good luck, it's a sleeper!


tds101 10-08-12 06:18 AM

:thumb: I'd luv to get 1 of these,...enjoy!!!

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