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checoles 10-09-12 03:16 PM

Advice on the Dahon Mu Uno....
Very new to fold up bikes due to living in the middle of the Yorkshire Wolds, with hills and off-roading. I spend my time on road bikes and jumping around on rough tracks! Don't get many people on foldaways round here, but I decided to buy one to whip around town on. I bought a Dahon Mu Uno. Working in a bike shop, I got it at cost, so it was a no brainer. Don't know if you Americans knew, but the UK is the only country you can't buy the Mu Uno with a coaster brake. Single speed unfortunately :( but regardless of this, I bought it due to its cool looks and positive reviews. My problem, however, is this. I'm struggling to find anyone who stocks the traveller front rack, and if I did get one, would the bike still fold together OK? My other thought was small bull bars, but again, if the were folded down, would it all still function OK? And do they feel OK to ride with on such a compact bike? Its a beautiful thing to ride (once I changed the rear freewheel from a 18t to a 16t) so I don't want to order a set of bars only to find they make it worse. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated, as I'm in the dark with this one! :) road bikes and mtb, I know it all, but this little thing has got me all bummed out :(

checoles 10-09-12 04:24 PM

ive just seen the Dahon Pro Speed TT, comes standard with bullbars. different is, the handlepost folds to the outside of the frame, unlike the Mu Uno whichs folds into the middle of the frame. am i being too straight forward in thinking the folding handlepost can be flipped somehow so the bars fold to the outside? looking at it, i cant see any way of doing it...

FoldingLawrence 10-11-12 05:37 AM

Seems doable

checoles 10-11-12 10:19 AM

You Sir, are a gentleman. Thank you very much, i shall be slapping some bullbars on tomorrow!

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