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fusilierdan 10-13-12 07:50 AM

Head set adjustment on Dahon MU P8
It feels like my headset has come a little lose on my bike. Any pointers on adjusting this. It doesn't look like a normal head set. Before I start taking things apart is there a manual, video or something I could view?

On the other hand there is some rattleing in the front which my actually be what is giving me the impression of the headset being loose. Anything I should check?


TiBikeGuy 10-13-12 08:59 AM

1st determine if it is the headset that is loose or is the clamp mechanism that is loose. Press the front brakes and hold on to the headset. Does it rock back and forth, ie. freeplay.

Is there any freeplay in the folding mechanism? ie. the lever that locks the front folding part is easy to disengage.. it should be tight ie. you need to use some force to secure it. If this is loose, fold the stem down, locate the hex tension screw and give it a few twist with a needle nose pliers.

badmother 10-13-12 03:23 PM

A loose front hub (not properly adjusted and tightened) can give a similar feeling, but only until you inspect the bike closely.

brakemeister 10-14-12 09:51 PM

this will give you an idea

keke 10-15-12 05:30 PM

Just to say, this helped me too. Been thinking about sorting out my hinge and headset and your thread helped me stop procrastinating.

Thor your leaflet was very helpful along with the Dahon service manual.

I can already feel things are better but will know for certain when I ride next (damn this cold front!).

Thanks OP.

keke 10-16-12 06:52 PM

Quick Q, what happens if you overtighten the headset? I feel I might have been a little too exuberant. Don't know how or have the tools required to measure torque...


fusilierdan 10-18-12 09:11 PM

Thanks for the replies. Looks like it was the QR on the stem causing the racket. I will check things out further when I get back from vacation.

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