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Economista25 10-14-12 06:40 PM

Origani bikes - How good are they?
Hi folks:

Im considering an Origami bike for purchase. The model that draw my attention is the Mantis. Has anyone here had any experience with this bike? How upgradable are they? Is the quality of the components that come with the bike good?

Thanks in advance for your comments.

JosephLMonti 10-14-12 06:57 PM

You should read this thread:

The OP discusses his Origami Mantis.

Economista25 10-14-12 07:29 PM

Thanks!!! Does anyone know the components of the Mantis? I cant seem to find them on the Origami website.

JosephLMonti 10-14-12 09:01 PM

This is the spec sheet for all of the Origami models to include the Mantis:

The only components listed by brand are the tires, (rear) derailleur and shifter.

Pinigis 10-15-12 01:12 PM

What components do you a question about?

smallwheeler 10-16-12 07:34 PM

i haven't seen it mentioned here yet, but i think the origami fox is probably the best bike they make. it would be even better if they offered it with premium components. i would buy one for sure.

Dynocoaster 10-17-12 06:00 PM

You can always upgrade the Fox to your liking.

JosephLMonti 10-17-12 06:14 PM


Originally Posted by Pinigis (Post 14843757)
What components do you a question about?

I was holding off to give the OP first dibs on this question, but it doesn't look like he/she is going for it, so I'll chime in. I'll start by saying that I like the Origami line and look forward to seeing the company's evolution. So I make the following recommendations b/c I genuinely think they would be beneficial, not to be offensive:

1) I would split the current specs page into two tables; one for weights & dimensions, and a second one for the actual component specs
2) Try to give each component listed at least some detail beyond construction material. For example, the tire listing is great b/c it gives the brand and measurements, but the hub section just says "aluminum".

Speaking of the hubs, is the front one normal (100mm) width or the narrow "Dahon style" 74mm?

Pinigis 10-20-12 08:41 AM

Speaking of the hubs, is the front one normal (100mm) width or the narrow "Dahon style" 74mm?[/QUOTE]

The hubs are standard 100mm.

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