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Foldable Two 10-17-12 11:22 AM

So Now We Get Ads in the Threads???
Is the New Zealand Ad thread that is/was appearing on our screens a 'NEW FEATURE' of Bike a little side revenue booster.

I clicked on it, and it didn't come up on the 'Thread List' the next time I logged on. According to the fine print at the bottom of the Ad, it was the result of a service to which the Forum has subscribed.

Anybody else notice this?

Lou (The retired salesman who gets tired of constantly being sold something)

Dynocoaster 10-17-12 02:41 PM

I thought it was spam.

Foldable Two 10-17-12 02:57 PM


Originally Posted by Dynocoaster (Post 14851963)
I thought it was spam.

Thought it might be too, but down in the corner, in very fine print, it mentioned about being a service subscribed to by Bike Forums. Forgot to "copy" that verbiage - maybe someone else will.

Foldable Two 10-17-12 10:51 PM

Here's what is says at the bottom of that Ad/Spam, whatever it's called:

This message is brought to you by PostRelease.
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