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Economista25 10-19-12 10:24 AM

Citta Minivelo or Origami Mantis - Help me make a decision
Hi folks:

I have no way of trying this bikes, but have narrowed my search for a road bike to these 2 bikes. I plan to install bigger tires on whatever I end up getting (thinking Big Apple tires) and probably will change the seat. I'm attracted to the Minivelo because of the Front Derailleur system it has. On the other hand, I like the shape of the Origami Mantis better.

Any feedback from owners of these 2 bikes would be extremely helpful for me to finally make a decision.


Pinigis 10-22-12 07:20 PM

OK, I held off as long as I could. As the owner of Origami Bicycle Company, I prefer the Mantis. Is there any information that you need from me to help with your decision?

rex615 10-22-12 09:24 PM

I own a Citta but not a Mantis, so keep that in mind. I am happy with mine and it is a fun bike, but did end up making several modifications to it.

There are some questions which you need to answer before choosing between these bikes.

Do you need a folding bike? The Citta is not a folding bike.

How tall are you? The Mantis claims to accommodate a rider up to 6'4". I am 5'11" and had to put a longer seat post on the Citta so it would fit me. So if you are taller the Mantis might be a better choice.

Do need or want full suspension? It adds weight, but is very nice to have on rougher surfaces. The Mantis is full suspension, the Citta is a rigid.

How important is after sales service? The owner of Origami is already answering your posts. With the Citta you are pretty much on your own beyond the actual sale since presumably the Citta company no longer exist or changed its name. Citta is the company name and Gazelle is the model name.

Pinigis 10-25-12 10:37 AM

Buy both and return the one that you like less.

mtbdt 10-25-12 06:12 PM

i own the mantis and started a thread here. it is designed for taller riders since at 5'9" i have the seat near the lowest position. ill do my best if you have any specific questions on the mantis or even test it if you are in los angeles area as well.

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