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vik 10-20-12 04:07 PM


Saw this today in a LBS. A Surly Pugsley crushing a couple rusty R20's...some people have a sick sense of humour...:eek::twitchy:;)

folder fanatic 10-20-12 09:02 PM

Some people would see this as an expression of "art." Personally, I think it is such a waste of bicycles & attention span. Plus not a very effective way to advertise an bike shop (I am assuming that this takes place in your LBS' show window). I would like to see the Raleigh Twentys put to better use by cleaning them up to sell or to use again.

LesterOfPuppets 10-20-12 09:12 PM

Hahaha, stealing a page from the used car lot playbook. A lot of places around here drive monster trucks up onto a dead car for display purposes.

I'm just hoping no Twentys were harmed in the making of the window display.

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