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anthonygeo 10-22-12 09:49 PM

Double Leg Kickstands
Any recommendations for my folding bike?

brakemeister 10-23-12 01:21 PM

Esge Pletscher ............. if too long just cut an inch or two off ...
Question is why you want a double ? To keep the bike upright with stuff hanging off the corners ?
I am asking as most doubles are somewhat cheap and dont have a wide enough stance, the Pletscher does ..but its not cheap


fietsbob 10-23-12 01:30 PM

Hebie is another one , it does not come over to the left side , with both legs
like Esge Pletscher.. so how it integrates with your rig is an unknown..
on the other there is a hinge, and the U of legs stay as they are, just folded up and back.

kamtsa 10-23-12 09:06 PM


Originally Posted by anthonygeo (Post 14869997)
Any recommendations for my folding bike?

I got this one for my wife's Downtube Nova and was surprised how bulky and heavy it was. It went to the vendor the next day.

anthonygeo 10-24-12 04:52 AM

Double Leg Kickstands
The kickstand that came with my Schwinn is way too short. The bike barely stays up so if I'm going to order a new one might as well get one that props it up. I plan to have my camera bag attached to the rack so I'd like to avoid a tip over.

Dynocoaster 10-24-12 08:20 AM

I saw this one on Ebay and thought it was a quality.

anthonygeo 10-24-12 11:36 AM

Double Leg Kickstands
Sweet thanks! I hope it fits properly so we shall see soon.

anthonygeo 10-28-12 09:33 PM


Originally Posted by Dynocoaster (Post 14874829)
I saw this one on Ebay and thought it was a quality.

Thank you! Turned out to fit perfectly!

Dynocoaster 10-29-12 07:41 AM

Glad it worked out for you. It looked to be a quality piece.

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