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Training.Wheels 10-27-12 10:40 PM

My chain slipped off on my 3 speed Brompton - reason?
So I was on 8 miles in on a my 16 mile ride, I stood up on the pedals to accelerate from a stop then *metals crunching* the chain came off my Brommie. I think I was shifting, but I'm not entirely sure. I didn't think it was a problem with internal hubs since they don't use derailleurs. I'm around the time when I need my 100 mile tune-up. Do you guys think this is the problem?

fietsbob 10-28-12 02:30 AM

on site inspection is best..

not many clues offered... front or back?

bringing it in for that 100 mile tuneup is the solution, not the problem..

folder fanatic 10-28-12 09:09 AM

A few years after purchase, Chain Slipping Off was the only major problem I had with my own 3 speed Brompton as well for the almost 7 years I had have it. I simply slipped back on as I was on the road, not at home. When I went home, I thoroughly cleaned the chain & oiled it again with a little squirt of oil. I examined any part of the drivetrain for damage (there was/is none) & especially the chain tensioner adjustment for possible adjustments and/or damage. There was none there as well. So far, I have no repeats of this problem. If the chain does continue to jump off, I would visit your Brompton dealer.

Ozonation 10-28-12 06:10 PM

I was pedaling hard, had just shifted, and then hit a bump hard. I knew it was too hard too. Chain slipped off. It was the only time it happened. Doesn't sound too dissimilar to what you went through.

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