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thedevilisbad 10-31-12 01:04 AM

folding bike on a Greyhound
Hey guys!

I'm thinking about bring my folding bike, an old Bridgestone Picnica, with me to a trip down to Columbus, OH. I don't have a bag for it, but I thought I might use an old canvas army duffel bag that we have lying around (my dad uses them for softball bats). Have any of you tried anything like this? How much extra is it going to cost me?

It's kind of a cool little bike. I guess originally it was belt drive, but the one I have is chain driven. I cleaned it up and got it working, but the tires are super worn. 14" tires are hard to come by!

Azreal911 10-31-12 08:36 AM

14 inch? go for the schwalbles!

not much info on it but it seems to be like your ONLY choice! the other ones are like for kids bikes with huge knobbies. The real funny thing is that if your bike goes to 12 inch tires you actually have big apples as a choice.

weird eh?

fietsbob 10-31-12 11:00 AM

Are you ticketed going on on the bus? accompanied luggage? should not cost extra.

The cover will keep other passenger's stuff cleaner.

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