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Djepeto 03-01-13 12:07 PM

Help me to resolve dilemmas and buy folding bike :)
Greetings dear members! :)

I am looking to buy folding bike but I have few dilemmas.

While I was googling I saw that there are thousands of folding bicycle manufacturers.

My first concern about folding bike is frame.

I see that f.e. Pearless and Cronus copy Dahon curve bike frame. On the other side, Dahon itself offers few frame types.

What are the types of folding bikes frames? When I resolve this dilemma and make up my mind about frame I`ll consider other things like wheel size, number of speed and etc...

Thanks in advance! :)

Pinigis 03-01-13 12:34 PM


There are numerous types of folding frames out there. Can you be a bit more specific in your question?


badmother 03-01-13 01:07 PM

We need to know what sort of riding you want to do. Approx rider weight and luggage weight. going to ride a lot and fold it not so often or ride less, fold often? Is there snow or sand where you live?

Try to do some searching and reading in the forum. Lots and lots of info here already.

fietsbob 03-01-13 01:31 PM

Broad type Generalization:

Lots fold in half, sideways , and stem comes down , another hinge, and the seatpost telescopes down
into, and below, the frame.

Djepeto 03-11-13 06:14 PM

Thanks to all for quick answers!

I am using part of "New to folding bikes, can't choose? Read this FIRST" post
to be more specific about my needs.

* your weight
My current weight is 82 kg. But I want
to lose weight and get in shape. I`ve started with workout in gym so I expect to retrieve to my old weight (75 kg)

* how tall you are
I am 175 cm tall

* your budget
Uh, this is my biggest issue. I don`t want to buy folding pile of junk but great factors which determine price are facts that I
am the student from poor Balkan region country and that I`ll probably have to pay shipping. My budget range goes from cheap to middle priced folding bicycle.

* your riding experience
I`ve cycle since my elementary school. Currently, I ride SCOTT
YZ4. But I haven`t ever ride folding bicycle.

* what you intend to use the bike for (eg touring, commuting, casual park riding, shopping, MTB-ing etc)
I intend to use bike for two purpose.

Combining bike and public transportation to commute to faculty, student club
meeting, library and etc. That`s why I would like to have bike which will fold quick and be easy to carry since I`ll have to carry it in and out of public transportation means.

Casual weekend riding along river bank bicycle track

Since I live in hilly city riding bicycle without speed is mission impossible. Also, I was thinking about 16 inches wheel.

luggage. I plan to carry my backpack on my back while I cycle.

I hope that now you have a more detailed picture about my needs. Greetings!

Ozonation 03-11-13 07:04 PM

Based on your described biking needs - and specifically the 16" wheel preference - I think your choices are limited to a Brompton (which is probably too expensive given your budget), or one of the 16" Dahon models, which is probably closer to your budget. Dahon has a pretty wide global preference.

If you want to go less expensive than that, you could check out Citizen folding bikes, but I think they're most in the US. I'm sure there are some EU brands which would cost you a lot less in shipping - I recall there was a French brand, but I can't recall the name. I'm sure others on this forum can comment more.

badmother 03-11-13 07:05 PM

Ok. Sounds like a Dahon curve or similar is something that would work for you. Is it possible for you to find a second hand bike? Sometimes you can be lucky and find a lightly used bike at half the price of a new one.

About carrying: Sometimes you need to carry a folder but also rolling the bike on its wheels when folded or rolling it on small wheels atatched to the rack is done on some bikes. Make sure you get a bike that can roll if you think you need to carry it folded more than a few meters on a regular basis.

Also find out what to do with the bike when you are in class. Can you take it innside or lock it somewhere safe or do you have to lock it outside? In that case a good looking bike can be asking for trouble. It could be an idea to upgrade an older bike that is less tempting to steal.

smallwheeler 03-11-13 07:56 PM

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nobody asked where the OP lives... Djepeto, where do you live?

Ozonation 03-11-13 08:42 PM

He said he's from the Balkans - no specific city though.

bhkyte 03-12-13 07:16 AM

A few more suggestions. mainly 16"
Ori or Mezzo also if dealers or can get one shipped on ebay or amazon etc.
Diblasi R4 is cheap secoundhand and very roboust
If you can stretch to a used Birdie?..............that would offer best ride..and fit
Downtube Mini,
Dahon dove,
older used Moulton
Raliegh 20?
used dahon presto

Djepeto 03-12-13 09:29 AM

First, I was in doubt, 16 or 20 inches wheel. But when I read mentioned sticky post, I saw that wheel size doesn`t affect speed significantly.

Cycling infrastructure isn`t highly developed in my country, so I`ll have to cycle on sidewalk, street, bicycle track and to use public transportation means to reach my destination.

Also, it is possible to hear "Hey,
no bikes allowed in here!" from library security.

That`s why I would choose smaller wheel. Also, I was thinking to buy bicycle bag like this one

While I was writing this answer, I was thinking about budget again.

To be more specific, with shipping I am willing to pay from 250 euros for bicycle. Plus 20 - 30 euros reserve budget.

Dahon bikes are perfect bikes. But I am not sure is it in my price range. That`s why I was thinking about Dahon copy.

And that`s also very confusing to me. There are tons or
Dahon frame copies. As far as I see, there are three types of Dahon copies. Authorized copies, good unauthorized clones and bad ones.

For sure, I want to skip bad ones. Good ones I saw and I liked are: Polygon, Cronus,
gngebike folding models,, especially Airwalk model, something like this

When you mentioned small wheels
attached to the rack I suppose that you were thinking about this

Yes, I think it is great and if I don`t find folding bicycle with it, I will go to artisan to
braze it.

I live in Belgrade, capital of Serbia. Belgrade is hilly city. We do have bicycle track but we don`t have it through center of city. Local authorities planed to finish it for spring 2013 but they didn`t even start it. That`s why I have to combine sidewalk, street, bicycle track and public transportation means to reach my destination.

Diode100 03-12-13 10:19 AM

If you live in Serbia how about a trip to the Dahon factory at Plovdiv in neighbouring Bulgaria, I'd imagine they could fix you up with something acceptable.

smallwheeler 03-12-13 02:17 PM

this is old but might be worth contacting this guy:!!!

Djepeto 03-17-13 12:06 PM

I was on Dahon website, they have really cool section on their site - "find the right bike". Can you recommend me more sites with similar section?

Anyway, I found there Dahon Curve XL. Excellent bike. I think that it would fulfill my needs. But, it`s price is out of my price range.

Can you recommend me some good copies of Dahon Curve XL?

Also, can you recommend me some sites where I can see pictures of bicycles, their technical data and prices? Amazon, Ebay, something else?

mr geeker 03-17-13 05:46 PM

don't buy an iped folding bike, theyre crap. lasts about 2 dozen rides all less than 20 miles.

longlong14 03-17-13 06:22 PM

wow, no one's recommended the tikit?

alaskanb3arcub 03-17-13 11:55 PM

We are talking about a balkan(europe) student here. Bike Friday is most definitely outside of his price range.

pampera 03-18-13 12:23 AM

You could search a second hand flamingo oxford, they are great value for prize. Here in Spain they went from 695 eur new to 495 new, so maybe second hand could be in your budget.
If your not fit you could change the original crankset for a cheap mtb one with two plates, for example 39 teeth and 48 teeth and change gears by hand, as i did with mine. Plus the internal hub you get 6 gears.
It is a very useful bike.

bhkyte 03-18-13 04:41 AM


Originally Posted by longlong14 (Post 15398313)
wow, no one's recommended the tikit?

I mentioned bikes that, used , might be in budget. Used tikit is rare and very unlikely.

Djepeto 03-18-13 06:29 AM

What about new Dahon curve 16 inches wheel copies? Citizen bike tokyo model, bicycle4u airwalk model, anything else beside these two?

And sites where I can see pictures of bicycles, their technical data and prices like Amazon and Ebay?

Thanks in advance!

fietsbob 03-18-13 10:33 AM

Might be worth a Shopping trip, at least across the Adriatic to Italy.. Venice has been a trading center for Centuries.

no, Amazon and Ebay, its not a technical site , just, Sales, tells you what it is and how much ..

Given Bromptons get Stolen so often in UK, someone probably put a Hot one up for sale,
on that Electronic Middle Man ..

Diode100 03-18-13 12:29 PM

Why not have a look at the Big Fish range, they are made in Slovenia I think, must be almost on your doorstep, compared to some folder manufacturers.


Folding-Bikes 03-18-13 05:11 PM

Sounds like a 16" or 20" bike with plenty of gears is your best bet, now you need to factor in all the other factors: Weight, folding, availability, comfort, quality etc etc

I know FudgesCycleStore has a big range and can ship to you from the UK, I am sure there are other retailers that do the same.

Note is always better to buy at your local shop so if you have any problem with the bike you can always get it sorted.

Best of luck!


foldienewbie 03-28-13 03:50 AM

Like Djepeto, I am also new to the world of folding bikes. I have yet to purchase my first :) Peerless bikes are also popular in my side of the world, and I plan on buying one as well seeing as my budget cannot exceed ~$150. I plan on using the bike for everyday commuting on campus, after which I will have to roll or carry it to the safety of my home which is a few rides away (NEVER in my life will I pedal down a busy highway -- every day I must travel the entire stretch of the largest highway in my country, which has 18 lanes and will soon be widened to 60, and I've seen too many lives lost or put in danger in all my years of doing so).

Following the basic information post I have seen above, just so you guys have a background on my plans and vitals:

* your weight
45 kg

* how tall you are
5 foot 1.5

* your budget
Below $150 (cannot afford even the lowest priced Dahon)

* your riding experience
Fairly new to bicycling per se. Have practiced quite a bit on a BMX bike. Was able to learn it in about 3 hours, distributed throughout several weeks. Can now ride with one hand, maneuver, and go smoothly. "Look ma, no hands" is something I have yet to accomplish for a duration exceeding 5 seconds. :P

* what you intend to use the bike for (eg touring, commuting, casual park riding, shopping, MTB-ing etc)
Commuting around university campus

Do you suppose it would be a good decision to settle for Peerless for the mean time, at least while I'm still "starting out" and getting the hang of my folding bike, until after which I can probably afford a better bike (if I remain passionate about it)?

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