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csisfun 03-06-13 12:13 AM

Dualdrive broken: best way forward?
My Speed Pro TT has a internal gear hub, the SRAM Dualdrive, that is messed up. It slips and loses its gear when too much force is applied. Currently, it will only run on the highest gear reliably, although with a grinding noise.

It irks me to ride a bike that is somewhat broken.

The bike has the Dualdrive 30 set up, so it has a SRAM Force 10-speed cassette. I'm wondering what you people think is the best way forward to fixing this bike? Looking for something cost efficient.

In my mind, I'm thinking of just buying a new wheel that will accommodate a 10-speed cassette and just ride it as a ten speed. Thoughts on where to buy these parts?

fietsbob 03-06-13 02:17 AM

have you made sure its just not out of adjustment? done the 2nd IGH gear alignment.?

No mechanical skills, ? ready to ship or bring the wheel to a shop?

brakemeister 03-06-13 11:10 AM

most likely out of aligment......
The extra wheel is not such a bad idea however, as it would save considerable weight.... plus I am selling them
Currently out of all PRO wheels, all COMPE wheels ..... both are a couple weeks away , Git the super sexy carbon wheels in stock, and the carbon look wheels are very cool as well ...... ( only as sets at this time though ..sorry ) Interesting alternative would be to "upgrade" to 451 wheels....


bhkyte 03-06-13 03:57 PM

Speed pro is a fast bike I thick you might be disappointed to miss high gears that dual drive yields. What about looking for the internals on ebay. I got 3X7 for next to nothing from ebay. And I recently missed a 3 x 9 for less than 50. Its easy to swop internals if that's needed. Then you also have a spare hub body to get parts to repair in a relaxed manner and a spare wheelbuilt up for flats etc.

pampera 03-06-13 11:55 PM

Could you tell how did it broke? Did you do any manteinance on the dual drive before?

badmother 03-07-13 07:39 AM

Try to take a look here. You may find useful info:

tcs 03-07-13 11:01 AM


Originally Posted by brakemeister (Post 15351860)
most likely out of aligment......


BTW, SRAM DualDrive isn't the only game in town anymore.

rifraf 03-10-13 10:32 AM

Looking forward to an update from the original poster. Love my dualdrive. Such an upgrade from my sachs 3x7 although I wish they'd kept the sachs chain instead of the clickbox. Saying that the clickbox does make it so easy to maintain correct cable tension/gear adjustment.
Wouldnt have anything else in my moulton apb except perhaps a rohloff (but my surly ogres getting that)

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