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john426 03-07-13 04:36 PM

Where can I get a front rack?
I bought a GreenZone value edition folding bike last December. It came with a rear rack, but I am planning a camping trip and will need to use four panniers. Where would I get such a thing? I have a commuter that I fitted with a front rack. It was quite hard to find one for a "regular" bike. Should I get a regular front rack and modify it or do they sell this special item?

Another question: Since a folding bike has a hinge what is the maximum load I should put on the bike? I am planning a trip on a bike trail, about 400 miles.

fietsbob 03-07-13 04:44 PM

There's those Nashbar Mini racks.. mount is ends of V brake bosses and center bolt through the fork crown.

Special Item include hiring one custom built?

Elvis Shumaker 03-08-13 01:17 AM

A Dahon Traveller (?) front rack should fit fine. It did on my bog-standard non-Dahon 20" folder. Not an expensive proposition and it works like a charm.

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