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roka 03-12-13 12:36 PM

Chain for Brompton M6L
Hello all,

I'm trying to find which SRAM chain to order for my Brompton M6L. The manual says it's the "SRAM PC 10", but which one? The SRAM line includes many PC 10xx models. Other sources say to use a 7 speed chain. Does anyone know the exact chain I need? Thanks!

jur 03-12-13 02:18 PM

You can use ANY 8-speed or up chain, all will work. 03-12-13 02:24 PM

Just some quick info, the SRAM PC10 is not a 10-speed chain - however, the PC10xx models are. Very confusing.

As someone else mentioned, any 8-speed chain will work.

kamtsa 03-12-13 03:48 PM

BTW, you can find the chain lengthes here

fietsbob 03-12-13 05:29 PM

Roughly. the cogs are 2mm thick, so 3 /32" wide is the right Idea. Chains come as 5,6,7,8, these days .
it's All good.

the 3 speed ones are 3mm thick .. 1/8"

roka 03-12-13 05:58 PM

Thanks all! As luck would have it I have an extra new 8 speed chain laying around that I can use. Sometimes you get lucky. :)

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