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BicycleNirvana8 03-18-13 11:49 PM

Tern Link C7 crankset and free-wheel upgrade questions
I have a Tern Link C7 and plan on upgrading the crankset and free-wheel and make it a single speed. For those who are familiar with the C7's gearing, my question is: What combination of free-wheel and crank-set ring size(how many teeth) do I need to allow my bike to get up to speeds as fast as, or faster than it will allow now? I want to keep my top speed on my bike or increase it if possible. (@ about 26mph I begin to peddle too frantically to keep it up.)

I understand that the crank-set 'ring' must be large while the free-wheel must be small (mine is 52 for crankset, and 11 at smallest on the (7-speed) free-wheel). However I read the free-wheel should be as big as possible or it is more susceptible to damage and I want to avoid damaging it as I ride a lot. What gearing is optimal?

Also, what are a good crankset and free-wheel company? How are Retrospec all-stars? And can I upgrade their ring(teeth)?

ps. If you're offended by my post for some odd reason don't bother. I'm only looking for answers to my questions, and any explanations any can give.

BassNotBass 03-19-13 04:20 AM

This tool should help provide some answers.

brakemeister 03-19-13 08:16 AM

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lwt me see.. you want to "upgrade" a 7 speed bike with the gear ratio 37 - 73 currently to a one speed bike with an higher top speed ? Like 80 isch or maybe even more ?
You will need a ramp to get started, and forget any uphills....

Besides its not wise to mash the gears on a folder, rather spin sitting down with a higher cadence, which is better for the knees and the folder as well... Dont want to hear down the road..OOOOHHH all those folders are sooooo flexible ...

Best Thor

p.s. generally speaking the prefered gear ratio for a folder one speed is in the lower 60's

jerrysimon 03-19-13 08:26 AM

Agreed at the very least you would probably want two gears. So maybe have a look at one of the new dual hub options now available.


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