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jerrysimon 03-27-13 03:40 AM

Dahon/TERN 20" Forks - Dismantling/Changing
Ok I have kind of asked this within other threads and even done some searches on line but have had little response and very little on line.

Its strange surely people do a lot of mechanics/repairs on their Dahons ? certainly when I search on line for Brompton mechanics there is loads of stuff including how-to videos ?

Anyway I now have my new Dahon Uno and was looking at how the front fork is attached. It appears the fork head is held both by the frame which is tightened with a/couple of bolts and what looks like a large hex bolt that screws inside the top of the fork tube to load/hold the bearings/fork in place.

This threaded inside part of the fork top tube thus makes them specific/bespoke to other fork manufactures ?

So my Question is do Tern use the same method of securing forks and are all Dahon forks interchangeable with Dahon/fitted in the same way. I am only talking about the forks for 20" wheels and primarily ask as I may want to swap out the existing Dahon Uno aluminum ones for steel Dahon/Tern ones ?



jerrysimon 03-27-13 04:41 AM

Ah a lot of information here under the Dahon Spares and Accessories link.

Looks like there are some differences including using a different retaining bolt dependent on if the forks are aluminum or steel :)

mmm seems seems TERN forks won't work and even for Dahon forks many have different length top tubes/fitting dependent on year.

For now I will play around with the gearing (I want to try a SRAM A2 and SRAM T3) and come back to the fork issue later.


chagzuki 03-27-13 04:45 AM

I don't think a steel Dahon fork will be compatible. I might be wrong but I think the steel forks have a steerer that's slightly shorter and fits the Vitesse and Speed frames whereas the Alloy forks have a longer steerer compatible with the Mu's slightly longer head tube. Or perhaps it's dependant on the headset stack height. . . actually that could be more likely since the Speed P8 looks to have the same frame as the cheaper Speed models but has an alloy fork. Not sure, but steerer lengths, ID and also the large bolt OD are different for steel and alloy fork.

jerrysimon 03-27-13 05:23 AM

Yes thanks Chagzuki that seems to be the case.



chagzuki 03-27-13 06:15 AM

I wonder which it is: the head tube or the headset stack height.

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