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Weakling 03-29-13 11:48 AM

PECO OX-FB03.1 vs Nanoo Folding Bike? Which to buy?
What I like about both is that the wheels are inline
when folded that makes them very easy to move
around compared to all the folders with minimum
6" or less carter/kickboard for kids wheels.

Both these bikes folds rather quick. PEco
maybe faster and can be bought with
3 Gears in Hub or 8 Gears in Derailur ?

while the Nanoo has no gears? I am not good at
looking for sign of such. Links to how they folds
on youtube. here homepage in Italian

there are 5 vids in the Channel
Homepage is in an Asian language? Do they have an English one? Us google translate to read?

Nanoo folding bike video
and 8 vids in channel.

I trust many of you can find the html homepages of these too. I am interested in
what you think of them? I am 6 foot Plus 1940MM tall and weight some 100KG plus

I am used to the small 12" wheels so that is something I rather prefer
what worry me is if these small bikes would stand the tear and wear
of somebody that big and heavy as I am?

Can anybody find the price for the PEco?

The Nanoo seems to cost 600€uro and that is much money to me :)
So that is kind of off putting.

Weakling 03-30-13 08:33 AM

I know that the majority here do prefer 28" or at least 20" bikes and sure them do behave better than bikes with very small wheels but from a practical perspective it is easier to find a place inside a Bus or train for a very small bike. Wheel size do make a difference. so suppose you have experience of other bikes using 12" wheels?

smallwheeler 03-30-13 01:58 PM

youre preaching to the choir here my weak friend.

the OX PECO has been drooled over a few times in other threads. clearly, of the two bikes you are considering, the peco is superior. however, its not cheap either.
its hard to imagine this machine lacks speed given the 68/53T andel/alfine crankset and capreo cassette :O
caveat: this image represents an after-market conversion.

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