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dadse 04-05-13 09:47 AM

recommend a lbs in northeast ohio
ok, I've bought my folder (dahon curve 3).

I fully expect to need some help, at least for parts, and maybe service, during my experience with it.

would any local members be willing to name their lbs specializing in dahons (or, anyway, folding bicycles). I,d like experienced folder folk when seeking service.

my 'local' area would be bounded by Cleveland on the west, Pennsylvania, on the east, and I-76 on the south. lake erie, of course, on the north. this 2500 sq. mi. box must contain a few such specialized shops - but I don't know them yet.

Nomad_ 04-05-13 09:31 PM

Hello Dadse, I tried using my google-fu to help you, sadly the only hits were from columbus and more south. I did find a trek of pittsburgh that hit for it also, but when looking through their website although they seem like a great bs, I found no specific mentions of Dahon's. There is also a very large bicycle store, Eddys in Stow, alhough again not dahon specialist they may have some employees qualified to help, give them a call.

dadse 04-07-13 02:48 PM

thanks for your efforts on my behalf, Nomad. google fu? I'm a google search fan myself - usually googlemaps when looking for goods and services. never know whether/how much to trust review information though. hoped for more reliable info from bike forums. which lbs in the Columbus area did you find specifically into dahons, or folders? I've been to eddys - and my own lbs in chardon - both ok for my former tourer and, without a better steer, I'd try them with my curve. Nevertheless, I do visit in Delaware from time to time so would appreciate knowing the shop you found there.

fietsbob 04-07-13 03:01 PM

Doesn't Mr Hon link to the dealers they have in their chain?

dadse 04-07-13 03:35 PM

what link? please direct me.

HGR3inOK 04-08-13 08:11 AM


Originally Posted by dadse (Post 15481256)
what link? please direct me.

Norman, Oklahoma USA

dadse 04-08-13 08:37 AM

thanks. that's a great help!

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