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Purpleorchid 04-08-13 05:13 PM

Brompton water bottle cage
Bought a good water bottle cage carrier combo over the weekend. I haven't tried it with a full water bottle yet, but the setup does not wiggle/rotate.

This is a Giant brand handlebar cage clip. $6 from LBS.

To that, I have mounted a Novara brand water bottle cage that matches my raw lacquer quite well! :thumb: I forget, but I think it was $12 from the store that sells the Novara brand (in case I'm not allowed to name it in the forums).

kamtsa 04-09-13 06:46 PM

How do you like the location of the water bottle?

It's the same as the upcoming Brompton/Vincero magnetic bottle mounts.

Purpleorchid 04-09-13 07:30 PM

I haven't had a chance to ride with it. However, during my search/research for Brompton water bottle cage locations, this was my first choice of location. Second choice was steering mast.

I found my C bag pocket to be too low for Mini O-bag doesn't have a pocket. I wanted an "always accessible" location. Hopefully, this works when I'm actually riding.

fietsbob 03-18-14 11:21 AM

the mini O is based on their handlebar bag so it wouldn't have the space on the back the Big O bag does ..

the Larger external add on pocket I got for my O bag has room for a Liter bottle , inside .

A store bought bottle of water, if you wish .

the small add on ones will take a short half liter.

add on pockets bought separately come with the mounting hardware

and perhaps you can fix them to the side of the mini O bag
there is an add on bottle cage as well as the pockets..

and have the bottle cage on the bag and not the bike, so the fold is unchanged.

2_i 03-18-14 11:55 AM

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My Sunlite foldable cage:

keyven 03-18-14 07:39 PM

Nice,... I might pick something like that up.

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