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john426 06-12-13 02:23 PM

Heel strike on panniers
I am planning a short bike tour and I want to take my folder with 20" wheels. I tried to put a pannier on my GreenZone and I notice that I hit the bag with my heel as I pedal. I tried to put the panner as far back as possible, and it helped but I am concerned that this might still be a problem. Can I mount a front rack? I heard that most of the weight of panniers is supposed to be on the back of the bike to help with stability. I could get a trunk, but how much can you pack in them? Any suggestions? Help, I leave in two weeks!


badmother 06-12-13 02:56 PM

My suggestion is a front rack. Small wheel folders are different from other bikes in that a bigger % of the riders weight is over the rear wheel, so carrying luggage in the front is good. Some folders have special frontracks made for them but if you have "regular 20" folder" you should be able to use a Dahon frontrack. You should be able to find info on this in other threads as it has been discussed several times.

If you for some reason want to carry luggage on the rear wheel the best solution is on top of the rack OR you can get a taller rack that can carry panniers but this would also make the folded bike much bigger than with a low rear rack. This you would also find info on by searching the forum (unless the "search" function is in a bad mood again..)


brakemeister 06-12-13 03:41 PM

except that the dahon front racjs are not available at this time ..:-(

can you use a regular 26 inch carrier with some custom made long straps in the front to move the panniers up ?

badmother 06-12-13 03:59 PM

Take a look around. I would be wery suprised if one can not be found:

fietsbob 06-12-13 06:30 PM

You might get a Seatpost Beam rack so you can have the bags up high enough
to not kick them, as you pedal ..

the ones adding stabilizer loops work well ..and the rack will QR to remove it when you Fold bike up.

Elvis Shumaker 06-13-13 12:48 AM

A small to middling rucksack bungeed into a wire basket on the rear carrier is a simple, safe way of carrying stuff - maybe the easiest solution at short notice.

Front racks are practical, but not much fun to ride with too much weight in them.

I find even the little Ortlieb panniers prone to heel strike on my rear carrier, I only use them there now if I absolutely have to.

john426 06-14-13 02:38 PM

Thanks everyone for your comments. I found a small front rack that after a lot of fiddeling fits my bike. I will take a short tour this weekend just to try out the new configuration. If front rack does not work I will try the rear wire basket route. John

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