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jgscisum 06-12-13 08:58 PM

Dahon Classic III, part needed
Hey everyone! First post but active for years. I need a front fender stay for a Dahon Classic III. Restoring one and it's missing. Any help or leads much appreciated. thanks, Joe

smallwheeler 06-12-13 09:34 PM

do you mean this little guy?:

jgscisum 06-13-13 05:57 PM

Yes, exactly what I need. Really need the stay as I am making woden fenders. But, I'll take what I can get. Just need an original. Thanks for any help or replies! Joe

jgscisum 06-17-13 08:09 PM

Smallwheeler............... sent a message. Let me know if not received.

smallwheeler 06-17-13 09:16 PM

got it!

wahoonc 06-18-13 05:09 AM

Those aren't too hard to make out of small rod stock.

I have a couple of Dahon Classic III's' got modern replacement fenders from ThorUSA.

BTW we need pictures of these wooden fenders when you get done!

Aaron :)

jgscisum 06-20-13 09:18 PM

The wooden fenders!
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Here ya go! I repair and restore furniture, residential and commercial. Local law firm wanted a desk with laminate changed to a real wood laminate. I used the left over for this project. Basically two laminations back to back glued and clamp together over a 18" mold. I wanted the fenders to NOT have a perfect arc to a 16" wheel. It seems to help in the forming and mounting. Fenders are 2" wide and the wood laminate already had a protective barrier built in. I will remove the fenders and spray a protective rubber coating spray that is made for hand tools to the underside and edges. All mounting hardware was hand fabricated from bits of misc. metal I had around the shop. Fun project and I feel they compliment the bike well. Kind of reminds of a west coast classic woody!

wahoonc 06-21-13 05:13 AM

Nice job! I want wood fenders for one of my larger bikes, plan to get mine from MK Fenders out of Greene, IA. I probably could make my own, but time is a rare commodity around here at the moment.

Aaron :)

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