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CenturionIM 06-25-13 09:53 AM

Dahon Mariner vs boardwalk
I am thinking of getting this bike for commuting since no full size bikes are allowed on the train during rush hour; I also live too far to commute the entire way. I will be riding on flat paved road, 8-10 miles max.

What year is this dahon mariner? at 300$ is it fairly priced?

Also found this boardwalk. Are they basically the same bike? 275 for this one.

Thanks for the help.

brakemeister 06-25-13 08:17 PM

both seem to be ok and of newer vintage ..meaning with a good handlepost versus the old one
not too much difference between the old like 3to4 years old mariner and the 2to 3 year old boardwalk ...wild guess

current boardwalks have one gear and lesser handlepost ..current mariners are real nice alloy frame and much better parts but also 500 plus new ..

for a used bike these seem to be a little pricey but maybe worth it... offer less and see what u can get

chaadster 06-25-13 10:48 PM

I think Thor said it well, though I think the Mariner is min 4yrs old; mine's an '09 I'm pretty sure, with the alloy frame. Whatever the case, the performance and ride quality of either bike should be the same.

$300 may be a bit high, and $200 would be great, so probably a $250 final would net either. Good luck!

brakemeister 06-26-13 08:29 AM

the interesting part is that both have 1 1/8 headsets ( see the bulge on the headtube ) and internal threaded forks which accomodate the latest radius handleposts ... versus earlier versions with 1 inch steerer tube and a quill type handlepost...
both have alloy seatposts ... versus steel on the boardwalk from earlier years... both have neos derrailleurs ... dont think the mariner has folding pedals ... which is no big deal ...
I am cheap ... and know the wholesale I would start with 225 / 200 and work my way up to 250 ish ...
let us know
best Thor

CenturionIM 06-26-13 03:29 PM

Thanks all for the help. got in touch with the boardwalk owner today, he is not backing off much...

Is it worth to go all out with this tikit? What am I gaining for paying 500$ more? Looks like a nice bike though

chaadster 06-27-13 01:30 AM

I can't speak to ride quality differences, but the fold action on the Tikit is nicer-- quicker-- and you can roll it folded, which may be nice for the train. That one also seems to have a pannier rack up front, which could also be a bonus depending on what you need to carry. The Dahon rear racks are suitable for a trunk pack, but not panniers due to lack of heel clearance.

CenturionIM 06-27-13 07:18 PM

yeah, 850$ is just too much $$$ for me right now. I think I found a new better bike: dahon Speed for 200$. This is a better deal than the two before right?

brakemeister 06-27-13 07:43 PM


HGR3inOK 06-27-13 11:13 PM


Originally Posted by brakemeister (Post 15791250)


Norman, Oklahoma USA

CenturionIM 07-01-13 07:56 AM

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Both bikes gone before I could got to them. Sigh....

Is this a boardwalk also? Looks a bit different with the oversized tube. Is it aluminum?

HGR3inOK 07-01-13 09:25 PM


Originally Posted by CenturionIM (Post 15801792)
... Is this a boardwalk also? Looks a bit different with the oversized tube. Is it aluminum? ...

It's a Speed D7 - probably a 2007 based on the color. It has a 4130 chromoly steel frame.

Norman, Oklahoma USA

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