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landhere 07-03-13 10:22 PM

Folding Bike Newb Considering Origami Cricket
Hello, short time lurker here looking to get back on the saddle. I was interested in getting my first folder for commuting. I saw the Origami Cricket and it seemed to have a great deal of features for the price. I read some of the reviews, but I was unclear on whether the handlebar height was adjustable. Also, I was holding back just because they didn't have silver available in the Cricket 6 or 7. I guess I could live with black, but I've had a black car and that thing was a magnet for scratches. Would 6 or 7 speeds make a huge difference as I am strapped for cash? I was also a bit bummed that a carrying bag did not come with the bicycle.

I will be going through some hills mostly on pavement. Part of my path will also include passing by a lake which has a tendency to flood the paths a little when it rains hard. If it rains really hard, the ducks start swimming across the road. A portion of the commute does end up in an industrial area with annoying amounts of gravel, potholes and railroad tracks. I am 5' 11' 250lbs.

I hope I have provided all relevant information. Thanks in advance for any advice. Happy 4th to the Americans.

HGR3inOK 07-03-13 11:07 PM

Where are you located?

Norman, Oklahoma USA

landhere 07-04-13 11:11 AM

I am located in NY.

fietsbob 07-04-13 02:27 PM

So Who in NY sells those? company websites often say where their dealers are located..

Test rides are always preferable..

Pinigis 07-04-13 04:06 PM

I am the owner of Origami Bicycle Company, but this is not an advertisement, just information. The handlebar height is adjustable, see our specifications page for details. The range on both the 6 and 7-speed models is exactly the same, there is just one less gear ratio in the middle of the range with the 6-speed. I do have one polished aluminum one in the shop, but it needs to have a couple of components replaced due to shipping damage (mainly just the fenders and I think the rack) but if you email me I give you more details. [email protected]

Daveobarge 07-04-13 04:16 PM

Just bought an Origami Cricket in black a bit ago. Very happy with it. Minor problem with a pedal but they responded right away with a new one. I ride it mostly around Bayonne and Jersey City and the suspension is great to have. I'm 6-2 with kind of long legs and the seat was about 1" short, but I think at 5-11 you'd be fine. Handlebar height was fine. It came pretty much ready to ride with a couple of tweaks.

landhere 07-05-13 04:38 PM

I've seen a couple of deals on Helios', but I'm concerned about people calling them "flexy" and "noodly". I know, no suspension, but the light weight part is appealing. I also saw this: . It's definitely towards the higher end of what I want to spend and since I do plan on commuting on it, I am concerned with some of the reviews claiming screws rust, BB not being so sturdy and paint chipping issues.
Also, this is a possibility for me as well.
Thanks again everyone.

cuzzinit 07-05-13 05:50 PM

i have a Cricket, i'm happy with it

landhere 07-05-13 07:17 PM

I am still considering the cricket, I'm just waiting on a response. I was also curious about this: . Although I highly doubt I'd want to offer close to asking price on it. Also may have a shot at an Eco for 250.
Edit: Most likely getting the Cricket pending reply in e-mail/photos.

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