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ichiro_suzuki 07-16-13 01:17 PM

Lightening Dahon folding bike
I'd like to put my Speed D7 on a diet... without sacrificing too much safety or comfort or spending too much on expensive upgrades.

Some items I thought are expendable:

- Rear luggage rack
- Wheel fenders
- Kickstand

Maybe a half kg? I'd like to shed a couple more kg if possible... any ideas? Aftermarket pedals or handlebar?

brakemeister 07-16-13 02:18 PM

seatpost and saddle ..... who needs to sit down ?

No I am kidding .. yeah take the stuff off and voila free diet ...

The best mod you can do is to get real light wheels and light tires ..... Like the Pro S wheels ( Which I happen to sell ) combined with some nice high pressure small and light Schwalbe tires ... ( I see a pattern here )

:-) Best Thor

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