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folder fanatic 07-17-13 12:03 AM

30 Years of Dahon Documentary
To demonstrate that I myself don't have a problem with Dahons-just actually owning one or two ;)-here is a short video documentary of the Dahon bicycle and it's people behind them:

Some interesting highlights to look out for: Watch as the bikes go through a assembly line. And how they were promoted way back in the 1980s. Plus how marketing is moving forward with it's spiffy new images and it's targeted customers-most everyone!

Still Pedaling 07-18-13 08:04 AM

Loved it. Thanks for providing that. Its interesting how they got the business up and running. So its correct to say that Dahon is the forefather of folding bikes. Hopefully one day I will be able to afford one -- oops two. Must get one for the wife as well. :)

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