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SonOfSoren 09-26-13 12:28 PM

Is anyone still selling the Brompton Oratory Jacket?
Apologies if this is in the wrong forum. I know the jacket was discontinued by Brompton but some shops still have limited stock. For example, NYCEwheels has a large in stock. I can't find any other online shops selling it in the US with my Google-fu. I am specifically looking for a small or medium with shipping to the US.


CameraMan 09-26-13 02:23 PM

If it's Epic cotton that interests you rather than specifically the sports jacket styling:
Howies make a less formal Epic cotton jacket, which being grey is probably better at hiding the day to day cycling grime. They also have Jeans with the same coating.

I just ordered both of these so can't yet comment on how good they are in practice.

blakcloud 09-27-13 07:23 PM

Maybe if you are lucky they haven't sold it. Check at the bottom of the page in the comment section.

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