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TonyAldo 09-27-13 08:53 AM

Gotham 7 crank
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Hey guys, I'm having a little trouble and in need of some guidance. So I have a Gotham 7 and while shifting to 7th gear my chain gets jammed up in my crank set between the chain guards and the crank it's self and I can't figure out how to fix it I feel like i've done everything possible but no luck. I put in a pic as to where exactly it gets jammed. Thanks.

cplager 09-27-13 09:16 AM

I'm not sure, but:

1) Check the chainring itself to see if it's bent.
2) Check the chain to see if it's stretched

Can you make it happen when on a stand (or upside-down) or does it only happen when you are moving?

TonyAldo 09-27-13 09:29 AM

I'll check the chain again but it only happens when I'm moving.

cplager 09-27-13 10:29 AM


Originally Posted by TonyAldo (Post 16109217)
I'll check the chain again but it only happens when I'm moving.

I'd also check that there isn't play in your bottom bracket when you're really hammering on the pedals.

Pinigis 09-27-13 05:08 PM

You should contact Citizen for guidance. They may have seen this before.

module 10-03-13 11:59 AM

I also have a Citizen Gotham7 and this has happened to me a few times...but only when I quickly shift from the middle-gears to 7th. I have been able to fix this while coasting on my bike by pedaling slowly with my left foot and using my right toe to gently lift and reposition the chain on the front gear.

If I shift normally from 6th to 7th at a reasonable cadence the system is just fine. This only happens when I shift too quickly and so I am curious if you heard anything from Citizen on how they recommend fixing the issue.

I never saw it as a big problem as I am rarely in 7th gear. My assumption was that in time the chain would be less stiff and less likely to derail the front gear when changing into 7th gear.

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