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Still Pedaling 10-01-13 09:32 AM

Feedback: LifeProof Bike & Bar Mount on my Brompton
I received the mount yesterday and tried it out this morning. I used an app called Bike Brain on my iPhone. It works great. Two difficulties; one is the placement of the mount using the Brompton "M" type handlebars. What would be better is having the LifeProof mount placed over the center area of the bars, so what I would need is some sort of bracket that would allow me to mount it centered on the bar and slightly higher. Second difficulty is in reading the screen in sunlight, and that is a problem where I live because it is rare to get an overcast sky. So unless I ride before sunrise and after sunset, reading the screen is difficult at best. I'm wondering if there is some kind of shade that can be purchased, but I have a feeling that this might end up being a Gerry rig project. Does anyone have any ideas regarding the shielding of the sun? Hopefully there is something out there that can help.

Over all I am very pleased with the mount. Its very easy to attach and remove, and what's best is the iPhone is securely fastened -- no jiggling whatsoever. Very solid.

This would work perfectly on the Brompton's "S" type bars by the way.


bhkyte 10-06-13 02:21 AM

Hi wayne

Sounds like the brompton bar reinforcing bar you mentioned would the ideal solution. I had one on a upgraded mission space genie I had. Ebay search? Maybe look at motorbike accessories?

What about wearing polarising sunglasses to cut out the reflection rather than attaching anything else to the bars?

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