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thomasw333 10-01-13 04:07 PM

Why do bikes use wire wheels instead of 5 spoke wheels?
Why, since wires bend, do we use wire wheels, why not use 5 spoke wheels like this,

Is it weight? Cost? Style?
I do think wire wheels look cool, but if you could put a 5 spoke wheel and never have to worry about maintenance again ,why wouldn't you? I know you could always ding a rim, and have to fix that, but is not the prospect of no more bent wires seem better?
Then again I have never bent a wheel or wire. But I was thinking about upgrading my next bike, if it was nice enough.
On that note, what is a good place to read and buy bike components? I know Amazon sells everything, but I do not know what makes one wheelset better than the other.
I am also interested in changing out the Revo shifter on my bikes, I hate those kind, I like the indexed, push button to up shift, pull lever to downshift type.

I am interested in anything bikes, from inner tubes, to wheels, to cranks, to seats, any websites you guys use would be appreciated.


thomasw333 10-01-13 04:18 PM

Just found this cool website, it is about Dahon and Tern but gives ideas for any folding bike,

brakemeister 10-01-13 08:34 PM

blast from the past .... surely
I had some of those ..they do bend by the way , the bearings suck, cold weather they feel like ... lol One speed obviously, did I mention they are VERY heavy

being a spoke man I crinch when you say wire ...although they are made out of wire. very expensive wire by the way for most ....

wheels ? I got wheels .... how about 15 different ones :-)

fietsbob 10-02-13 01:13 AM

I think Skyway is still making Fiberglass filled Nylon wheels , a good utility cart and wheel chair wheel, maybe BMX.

bhkyte 10-02-13 02:21 AM

Skyways used to be the requirement for non race bmx disciplines like freestyle and vert.

But wide heaviest spoked wheels has been the way for 20 years plus.

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