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Ciwan 10-28-13 09:05 AM

Chainguard and Caps for Winter.
Hi Guys

This winter I plan on looking after my Brompton more thoroughly. To start with I would like to replace the chainguard which I lost, but there are so many listed! How can I know which one is mine?

My Brompy is the 6 Speed 2011 Model.

Also, I *believe* am missing two plastic caps.

One that covers the crank arm bolt, and another that covers the non-folding pedal bolt. None of these things are here, but looking at how rusty mine are now, I'm thinking that in the past there must have been something there to protect them from the elements, but Googling did not bring up a thing, maybe I just don't know their correct technical name.

I would greatly appreciate some links to these parts that I'm after.

Thank You.

fietsbob 10-28-13 10:55 AM

They contracted Stronglight of France to make the cranksets ,
they use a Plastic snap on chainguard , that fits directly on the chainring.

there is only 1 per size , the minus is 44t.

the plus is 54t,

the standard 50t.

Your dealer you bought from should be able to order and supply the replacement part ..

Or SJS will ship out of UK.


Also, I *believe* am missing two plastic caps.

One that covers the crank arm bolt,
any generic crank arm dust cap will do

and another that covers the non-folding pedal bolt.
there was never any. it's just a generic 9/16" right hand thread , pedal.
you can fit another pedal if you wish.

Ciwan 10-28-13 05:19 PM

Thanks Fietsbob, is there an easy way I can find out which of the three chainguards you mentioned will fit mine? Other than counting the teeth one by one?

When I bought my Brompton, I lived near London, now I live in Yorkshire. I can't really get to the store where I bought my Brompton.

Thanks :)

fietsbob 10-28-13 06:03 PM

Nobody seems to measure or count anymore , with out a phone app to do it for them .. :lol:

I'd say look at the pictures * and look at yours

Notice only the 50t one has an extra 10 holes in the arms of the chainring,


Cue the sesame street song "which one of these is not like the other one" .. :innocent:

Ciwan 10-29-13 02:28 AM

Haha thanks Fietsbob.

On another thread, did you not say you had a Silicone chainguard for your bike? Are these available for the Brompton? I'm thinking a Silicone one would be better cause it won't break as easily. The original one that broke for me was very stiff plastic.

fietsbob 10-29-13 09:38 AM

Consider changing the whole crankset.. then you can use another one, say a Double with a 130 bcd

that will accept a Metal chain-guard ...
typically bolting on in place of the Larger chain ring, which in the case of a Brompton
would be on the inside position, and the chainguard disc on the outer position..

I have such a setup on my Bike Friday Pocket Llama. It uses a 53t chainring,
and they have large diameter disc Guards made for them, in Aluminum..
they, as a Business, of course would sell them, as Parts.

(I took off my original B crank & BB and fitted a Schlumpf Mountain Drive..
Perhaps you can budget instead one of their speed drives , their 34t
chainring when kicked into its internal overdrive, acts as if it were the 54t sized one.. )

its suited to go fast more than climb the Alps.

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