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Chevym14 12-03-13 12:12 PM

Looking to by a WWII BSA folding bike
I am in the market looking for a WWII BSA folding Paratrooper bike, or frame. if anyone know where I could get one let me know. Thanks


jmm 12-03-13 02:19 PM

I've seen them come up at Cokake auctions, like this one:

That one went for 3+ times the high pre-auction estimate, which isn't particularly unusual for Copake.

I actually bid on another militaty bike in their last bicycle auction (non folding though):

Needless to say, I dropped out, early.

They do support live interactive internet and phone bidding, so you don't have to be there, but actually seeing some of these things is at least half the fun.


fietsbob 12-03-13 02:35 PM

French countryside? wasn't that where the landed the paratroopers and their bikes?

BassNotBass 12-03-13 06:43 PM


Originally Posted by Chevym14 (Post 16297465)
I am in the market looking for a WWII BSA folding Paratrooper bike, or frame. if anyone know where I could get one let me know. Thanks

Anywhere in the world or is there a general location you're interested in to keep down shipping or travel costs?

Chevym14 12-03-13 07:26 PM

I am in new York USA but if the price is right anywhere that will ship to me.

gringo_gus 12-04-13 09:13 AM

I saw one once on UK ebay but it only had 'BSA' in its search terms, so you'd have had to look close to see it was like the one you are after. Probably never happen again, but you never know.

bhtooefr 12-04-13 05:13 PM

Damn you, making me look those things up. Now I want one myself! (Looks too rich for my blood, though.)

Looks like the one you pictured is a Danish clone of one. (The actual WW2 BSA-produced ones had front and rear caliper brakes, whereas the later Danish ones had a (Sachs, for ultimate irony, given who the BSA bikes were intended to be used against) coaster brake and no front brake.)

mconlonx 12-04-13 09:30 PM

Pashley still offers a version.

I don't think it folds.

bhtooefr 12-05-13 04:45 AM

It does not, which defeats the purpose of the design. Still looks neat, though.

mconlonx 12-05-13 02:04 PM

Back in the 90s, I thought I read in an EnCycleopedia publication that there was a Dutch or Danish company making a modern knockoff. I think they were the same people making Pedersens as well.


Thought it was Christiania Cykler, but they don't list it as a model for sale, currently...

mconlonx 12-08-13 11:34 AM

Found my old copy of Encycleopedia 94/95, from the editors of Bike Culture Quarterly. Knew I saw this somewhere. Google search turns up this:


May no longer be available

Wheels: 700c to 28"
Folding time: 10 seconds
Drive: Pentasport 5-speed hub. Sachs Super-7 optional
Other: Folding pedals
Price: 2720 to 3300 DM (Germany)

Part of the text from the web site: 'The Galaxe was never meant to be the meanest folder on the market; but it folds well enough for public transport and compact home storage. Twin levers on the frame allow a single fold, and a quick-release lever on the stem brings the handlebar parallel. It takes about ten seconds and leaves the chain on the inside. The folding facility does not affect performance. A recent study at the University of Odense revealed no difference in rigidity between the Galaxe frame and that of a good quality diamond frame. The Galaxe's large 28" wheels (a size common on cobble-cruising North European roadsters) give a very comfortable ride.' Manufactured by by Galaxe Cykler (Denmark).

Try: Niels Keld Madsen, Stationsvej 50, 5464 Brenderup Fyn Tlf.: 6444 1740, Fax: 6444 1748


Nearly 20 years later, I'm not turning up current info on whether or not these are still available, either production or custom.

Article from Encycleopedia mentioned that these are called "Arnhem" in Holland, so maybe search euro ebay for that term.

PS: The same issue of Encyclopedia also has an article with shots of a prototype or early production new bike from this new company, called the Birdy by R&M...

Jack6278 01-04-14 11:14 AM

Sorry to revive an old thread. Found you guys while researching a bike that I found. I'm just outside philladelphia if you're still looking.

[Admin edit: Please put your bike for sale in the appropriate area. Thank you.]

Sorry admin.

elcraft 02-22-14 09:47 AM

I saw a German -made "Paratrooper" folder in a bike shop in Amsterdam back in '96 or '97. I am trying to dig up the info on it. I recall that it was made from better quality alloy steel tubing , had a 7 speed IGH, and very striking wooden fenders ( the first I had ever seen). l'll post what I can dig up.

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