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rdlange 12-08-13 12:50 PM

Folder for daughter.?
We need a 20" wheel folding bike for my 49in tall daughter so we can put it in a small car and take her to ride with her friends. Already have 'regular' girls bike. They don't fit on our 'strap-on' bike racks anyway.

Don't know how to 'size' bikes from pictures so can't tell about seat to handlebar length, reach or will they fit her.

Neither is close enough to go 'look at' and I can't take her to try because it's an Xmas present. Noting the Dahon is twice as far, has rack and fenders already, but a welded on handlebar and maybe needs work. Both are about 13kg.

Thanks for your comments.


fietsbob 12-08-13 01:28 PM

there is only one size .. maybe a Dahon Owner has a tape measure ..


Already have 'regular' girls bike. They don't fit on our 'strap-on' bike racks anyway.
Our LBS has a removable bar that they sell making a top tube

to hold the ladies type bike in a bike rack, in situations just like yours. ..

but wont be as impressive a 'Prezzie' under the tree as a whole Bike.

ThorUSA 12-08-13 02:29 PM

If you can find a Dahon sweet pea.... Not anymore sold in the USA and when they were only real small numbers ....has 12 inch wheels

Or a Dahon curve with 16 inch wheels
Those are current in a three speed internal hub version new price is pretty up there but used can be found for around 300

Those would be best


smallwheeler 12-08-13 03:02 PM

hmm. seems a container load of crapzone bikes has arrived in the houston area.

apparently, the photographer's hands were trembling with joy when these pics were taken:

Bill Wilby 12-08-13 06:02 PM

I have sold a Strida to a young person not much taller than your daughter, there is the advantage that once a young person is tall enough to ride a Strida they may never out grow it. The Frame is the same size with all Stridas and the seat adjustment provides adjustment for a persons height and leg length.

"disclaimer, I am the Strida distributor for Western Canada and at this time also the rest of Canada and the U.S., I love to ride and sell Strida folding bikes"

Sixty Fiver 12-08-13 11:39 PM

Dahon states that their 16 and 20 inch bikes fit riders between 4 foot 4 and six foot 4... at 4 foot 1 your daughter is pretty close to fitting and she is at that age where she is probably growing at quite a rate. Variable like reach will have an effect...

Tern states that the minimum rider size is 56 inches.

My long legged 13 year old daughter has been riding a 451 equipped Raleigh 20 since she was 11... she will never need another bike and will outgrow her 24 inch wheeled mtb in a few years and will probably get to keep her 45cm road bike that rolls on 650C wheels as she just fit that now.

bhkyte 12-09-13 12:22 PM

Dahon curve was the only folder I found my children got on with. Tried quite a few. Downtube,brompton, diBalsi, giatex,

Onzo mini was liked but only for messing about on.

Pinigis 12-10-13 02:59 PM

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I have one Origami Fox if you are interested.

BeginnerCycling 12-10-13 04:55 PM

As others said, I would think that 20" Dahons with adjustable bar heights would work (Speed D7 and above usually have this, but not the cheaper Boardwalk model). I would also think a Citizen Tokyo 16" wheel bike would work (bar height is adjustable). If the purchase is mainly motivated because her girl bike won't fit on a rack, you could get something like the Saris Bike Beam (others make these also) which I used on our kids little bikes.

BeginnerCycling 12-10-13 06:05 PM

P.S.: The Schwinn Loop and Schwinn Hinge also don't have adjustable handlebar height, so would probably not be a good choice for her size (fyi, just in case you are tempted by their price and wide availability).

graycenphil 12-11-13 05:32 PM

I wholeheartedly support the idea of getting the kid a folding bike. But are you sure that will be acceptable to her? They are kind of funny looking. Will she be alright with that?

We we have always found a way to get different bikes onto the bike rack. I am sure if you work at it, you can get her bike on your rack. Then get her the folder anyway,just for fun.

ThorUSA 12-11-13 09:13 PM


Originally Posted by Pinigis (Post 16318626)

interesting to say the least ..........

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