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ICU Doc 12-15-13 10:57 PM

Burley child trailer and brompton
I am wondering if anybody has used a burley bee (or other burley child trailer) with a brompton? If so, did you need to make any modifications?


fietsbob 12-16-13 10:18 AM

Square tube or round tube draw bar? you like the new forged trailer hitch?

it will fit under the axle nut on the left side you know..

ICU Doc 12-16-13 10:24 AM

not sure....the burley was ordered by my local shop and is still coming in....

fietsbob 12-16-13 11:28 AM

Then that would be the square tube , off shore , Philippines made Import ones .

the Forged F like clamp is standard now, It works fine with QR and Nut fixed hubs..

Have a Carry Freedom, city.. Using their elastomer fitting shared with the chariot trailers
that hitch shown here :

it uses a ball shaped elastomer , rather than the one which Burly adopted which has a pin
through a flat elastomer .. the one above, the pin keeps the ball in the cup.

so difference, as functional re Brompton rear fold, requires un hooking the Burly trailer ,

but for riding, towing the trailer, It should be fine ..

I also own a trailer from the late Burly Worker Owned Co-op era. that one used a round tube .

the Chariot elastomer is different size than that , also..

What lets the City trailer and the Brompton fold, in the way they do,
is the handle-tow bar comes in at a right angle to the bike, so the ball elastomer
rotates in the hitch ..

fietsbob 12-16-13 11:45 AM

Looking further , if an offset space issue arrives Chariot has a workaround..

shown is for Shimano IGH axle's threading, S-A for rearwards compatibility,
with the UK made hubs, is a bit different.

hex stock would be threaded with reasonable ease to create something like it.

[appropriate Tap buy, and machine shop time)

ICU Doc 12-16-13 08:49 PM

thanks for the reply. not sure what exactly to expect with regards to needing workarounds, etc.

fietsbob 12-17-13 11:28 AM

I just put the hitch between the washer and the nut on my M3L's left axle end.

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