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joaozinho 12-17-13 09:39 AM

Hi... i am newbie
Hi My name is Joaozinho !
It is a pleasure to meet them . I am Brazilian and cycle foldable bicycle from Little (1985 ) . I was born in 1981 and I love folding bikes .

I decided to register myself in this forum, to learn and share experiences ( data, information , knowledge and practical experience ) .

In Brazil it is very rare bikers folding bikes , much rarer folding bikers to share their experiences , stories and photos online.

In humility , I come here to learn and make new friends online . Who knows we ride together one day ! And coming to Brazil , I'm open arms .

Of course , I am also struggling to learn and practice English language correctly through books , videos , course FISK and Google Translator .

I will be happy to add them on Google+ and follow your blog ( s )

My contacts :

Google+ : joaozinho menininho
[email protected]

Pinigis 12-17-13 02:39 PM


Welcome to the forum. I hope that the fourm helps you in your search for information. Do you have any specific questions?


gringo_gus 12-17-13 04:25 PM

Oi Joaozinho, tudo bem ? I am learning Portuguese, but its slow. I was just in Sao Paulo and Fortaleza, got back to England yesterday.

Are there any brands of folding bike made in Brazil ?

Gringo gus.

Ekdog 12-17-13 04:37 PM

Bem-vindo ao foro, Jozinho!

landhere 12-17-13 06:25 PM

Welcome Joaozinho!

joaozinho 12-18-13 03:52 AM

Thank you!

Thank you for reception! (***** Pinigis - Gringo Gus - Ekdog - Landhere *****)

Gringo Gus *** ***

Glad you traveled to Brazil.
Yes Brazil currently manufactures models of folding:

Caloi Urbe


Porto Seguro Bike


And very few import shops folding bikes (example):


Dahon ***
Brompton ***
Strida ***
Durban ***
Soul ***
Tito ***
Tern ***


Today Brazil is the third largest producer of bicycles
(4% of all world production)

Brazil Fleet of Bicycles 70,000,000
source: Abraciclo


DoubleDiamonDog 12-18-13 11:14 AM

Welcome joaozinho - you will find much to enjoy here.

sunburst 12-20-13 11:19 PM

Welcome from California!

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