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chagzuki 12-20-13 12:12 PM

Brompton suspension block weakening over time?
I've never seen mention of the need to replace the suspension block due to it losing firmness through use, but over the last couple of months I get the feeling the pedal clearance on my brompton is shortening. The block is around 2 years old, is that the sort of lifespan others are getting from it?

landhere 12-20-13 12:31 PM

Just wondering: do you have the firm or standard suspension block?

fietsbob 12-20-13 12:34 PM

I had a Mk2 bike AW3 hub was British, then.. stamped '94.. its suspension block still worked fine..

Do You need an excuse to get their firm one?

Pix seen: people wrapping a jubilee(hose) clamp around the suspension rubber ,
to restrict it's expansion and thus stiffen it.. you could play with that idea.

My current Mk4 , standard block, is fine.. I got the bike, used, a couple years ago, sold the Mk2.

chagzuki 12-20-13 12:57 PM

It's the standard block. I've not put on any weight... can't be that. It might also relate to the rear frame hinge bushes wearing... they need replacing really.

fietsbob 12-20-13 01:06 PM

2 year old bike? Go have a pint , you are over thinking this :beer:

BassNotBass 12-20-13 03:44 PM


Originally Posted by fietsbob (Post 16346592)
2 year old bike? Go have a pint , you are over thinking this :beer:

Once again I'll take the selfless route just to help out a fellow member and have a pint in his stead... well maybe two just to be sure.

landhere 12-21-13 11:51 AM

I better back you up in case two pints isn't enough.

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