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fietsbob 03-04-14 10:32 AM

the Bike Friday includes braze ons , on that fork, is a 4 point mount for their front rack . ..

They connect with a front cross Tube , the racks pack Flat for all things to go in the suitcase for travel .

beamercub 03-10-14 09:58 PM

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Here is my Tern Link C7.. I love the Biologic luggage truss that is added to the front frame above the fork.. It enable the cool bag to click on or off with a key lock !! Best part it doesn't effect steering at all because it's on the outside tube... I also love the Biologic rear rack.. It enables me to get creative with what I might be hauling.. I recently took my luggage truss and rack off because I took the big with me to San Francisco.. I felt naked without them..

overbyte 03-11-14 08:44 PM


Originally Posted by fietsbob (Post 16429983)
My Why(?) small wheels and their inherent low trail steering Geometry
stability works better with a load on the front end ..

I agree. Carrying some load on the front improves the handling of my 20" folding bikes. Without the front load, I sometimes do wheelies (front wheel liftoff) when I take off from standing start in the uphill direction or when pedaling over speed bumps and uphill at the same time. With some front load, that doesn't happen. Also the steering is a little less twitchy when there's some mass on the front, still responsive and quick but less sensitive and tracks the direction of travel better.

AdventureCycling has touring tips, among which they say:

When touring with panniers, try to keep your total load between 15 and 45 pounds. Your bike will be most stable if you put more weight in your front panniers--roughly 60 percent of weight in front and 40 percent in back. Experiment with weight distribution to find the best handling results for your particular bike.
Source: What to Take and How to Pack | How To Department | Adventure Cycling Association

wernst 03-19-14 12:50 PM

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I have front and rear racks on my Dahon Mariner. The rear came with the bike, while the front rack, which is basically impossible to buy new from anywhere, came from another forum member to whom I am very grateful.

I commute on it daily, and on about half the days I only have the rear rack in use; I have the backpack strapped to it by using an S-Caribiner to clip the backpack's top handle to a seat rail, and then a bungee net to secure it to the rack. This way, I have no heel clearance issues, and I can get the backpack off the bike and on my back in around 30 seconds, which I need to do midway through my commute since folding the bike with the pack strapped on isn't really possible. I have a little saddlebag with tools and a tube always attached to the rear rack right up against the seatpost.

I use the front rack about half the time. Usually I just use one pannier up front or a rack-trunk on the top, so I can still fold the bike when they are attached. Occasionally I need to use both panniers up front, such as pictured here (I was bringing in two dozen donuts into work - one boxed- dozen in each bag), and when that's the case I need to unclip one pannier to get a fold, or I just don't fold (which I can get away with when the trains aren't crowded.)

Steering is obviously slower when there are bags installed up front, but really, it doesn't feel much different than a full-sized MTB; I find it takes around 30 seconds to get used to it.

A front rack along with the right bags really increases my commuting flexibility, and I recommend them if you can find them.


john426 03-21-14 06:04 PM

I have both a front and rear rack. My bike came with a rear rack, but I do tour with my folder and I like to put some weight on the front to make it easier to handle. John

lucille 03-21-14 07:02 PM

Front and rear rack on my NWT. I tour on it and carry front and rear panniers, back rack bag and handlebar bag. Don't ask me to lift it ;-)

Abu Mahendra 02-19-16 09:41 PM

Tern Kanga Rack

linberl 02-19-16 11:59 PM

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I love my crossrack. Pull the pin and it's like riding with no rack, no extra weight. Pop the rack on with the pin and I can go shopping. I wouldn't want a permanent attachment rack because I don't like pushing the extra weight when I ride. I do like that the crossrack is behind my body and there's no drag from wind. Easily holds a full shopping bag. Now my Nitto rack up front is permanent and holds my mini rando bag. That's home to my lock, wallet, rolled up jacket when needed, or minor shopping items and take out. Minimal weight and it helps with steering.

CliffordK 02-20-16 12:18 AM

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I haven't been using my Bike Friday a lot around town.

Personally I use a backpack quite a bit, so for ordinary rides, stuff just gets put into the pack.

When I do need a folder, it usually needs to get stuffed into a suitcase, and a rack would be more work. What my last trip did demonstrate, though, was that I definitely need more tie-downs on the suitcase. I bought a couple of rims that wouldn't fit inside, so they got lashed down on top. But, then getting into the suitcase meant unstrapping and strapping.

So, my goal is to add 2 sets of tie-downs. One set for a backpack in the middle (for easy access pockets), and a second set for bigger cargo. I"ll have to decide how it will work if I choose to carry both.

shrooms 02-22-16 12:35 AM

For my commute I have to have a rack and mudguards.

Azreal911 02-22-16 10:03 AM

I solved the problem of having a rack when I need one and having no rack when i want the bike light by buying TWO folders :)

for my daily commuter workhorse I run a rack on it with full fenders and mudguards and use a rack bag on those very hot 28+C summer days (that's my cutoff before it gets too sweaty!). but usually I used Deuter bag with their suspended backpacks. doing that gives me less fiddling around when i'm folding and just get into work.

for lightness my other folder has no fenders rack or anything unnecessary heavy. 02-22-16 12:45 PM

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Brompton with titanium front rack and rear rack.

zoom26 02-22-16 09:43 PM

Just the stock rack on the dahon vybe, when I took it out I realized how heavy it was. But, I really like it especially with the tie that comes with it. I still haven't bought panniers for it since i'm not sure if it would clear.

atombikes 03-05-16 07:35 AM

I use a 20" Racktime Fold-It rack on my Genesis folder. It's nice because it fully disassembles to lay flat in the suitcase I use for tranport.

dezzie 03-05-16 09:08 AM

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My Stowaway!

tds101 03-05-16 01:54 PM

I still have to install my fenders on my Dahon Speed P8, as well as source a rack. I'm the type that requires having both. I hate getting the mud stripe of shame, and I always need to carry something.

edelay 03-06-16 08:10 PM

I tend to wear a small backpack for commuting since I don't like to have a rack and panniers moving about and making rattling noises. Bought a Dahon Curve D3 in the fall. It came with a rear rack, which I removed. It also came with a Tern front truss and bag (this one which neither I nor the previous owner could remove from the bike, so he threw it in. I thought it was ridiculous and too small... it is about the size of a tiny cooler or a very large lunch kit. I was able to squeeze my work clothes into it for my commute and I rather like it because
- no rattling noises
- very secure, but quick to remove
- the weight is very low on the bike
- my back doesn't get sweaty in the summer

I have to say that I thought it would throw the handling of the bike off, but it doesn't.

iamclaus 03-07-16 11:12 PM

For me, having a rack on a bike is essential, much like fenders. I'm all for practicality, even if it adds weight and bulk to a folder.

On the rear is an Axiom Journey Adjustable mounted so the top is horizontal and the legs are at mid-extension. The extension arms are bent so as to not interfere with the seatbag when the seat post is dropped down when folding the bike. Under the I have what was a wine cooler bag that now serves as a carrier for my camera tripod. It's out of the way and convenient as all heck.

On the front I have a cheap aluminum caliper-mounted rack sourced from eBay for $11, shipped. To that, I've mounted a support bar that piggybacks on the fender mounts at the base of the fork and up, over the wheel as a brace for panniers. Without the brace there's nothing for panniers to clip into at the bottom, and they'd just flop around and get stuck in the wheel. As a bonus, under the top of the front rack, I bolted a pair of air pump clips and mounted a pair of LED MagLites...

I usually ride with a single 12L pannier clipped to the front rack, adding another 12L on the front if I need more. I spent my vacation last year on a tour of sorts, putting on over 700km around Vancouver and Vancouver Island. I had the pair of 12L panniers and a 20L on the non-drive side at the back, 18L daypack strapped on top of the rack. The handling of the bike calmed down to that of a full-sized bike with the weight. For regular rides, I prefer how it handles with even just a bit of weight on the front. The panniers are from the World Tour series by Mountain Equipment Co-op, in fantastic lime green. I'm quite happy with them.

As for the added bulk when folded? It doesn't bother me. The front rack lines up with the rear rack in height when folded and both together give me a convenient handle to grasp the bike when placing it on the back seat in my car, where the bike lives from from spring through autumn.

7km into my first century, riding from North Vancouver, BC to Victoria, BC. Helluva day!

Abu Mahendra 03-27-16 05:26 AM

Tern Kanga rack with 20 liter dry-bag

long john 03-27-16 05:37 AM

nice set up what crank is that and front rack. The whole bike is great.
I want it!

SkunkWerX 04-25-16 06:36 AM

All 4 of my bikes are equipped with a standard aluminum rear rack and a cargo pack. I'd like to be lighter and less bulky.....but carry....a spare tube, tool(s), pump, lock, rain poncho/jersey, a spare jersey/shirt (especially in the humid season ~May 1 thru Oct 1). I also stash my cell phone, car keys, pocket knife/multi tool, and set of reading glasses. Probably have a couple tiny items in there too. No kitchen sink, but some days it feels like there is one.

For even longer day treks add an extra polar bottle of water because sometimes I am off the beaten path and can't risk dehydration, again, when it is hot and humid outside.

A question for those who do NOT use a rack: What do you normally carry as a minimal load and what kind of ride are you taking?
Just curious. (Maybe fuel for a new thread? "Don't use a rack and don't need one")

Thanks to everyone for their insight, I don't post much, but do read and learn a lot about folders here.

linberl 04-25-16 09:28 AM

My BF has a xootr crossrack and I pull the pin and remove it for rides where I don't need to carry stuff. In those instances, I carry a tiny patch kit, CO2 unit, wallet in a very small bag crosswise over my back. It's light, goes with me, minimal. My phone attaches to the bike. I could actually put all of it in my jacket pockets but I find that uncomfortable. My bike has 2 water bottle mounts. I live in California so don't worry much about rain, but my jacket is rain-resistant, and also becomes a vest with magnets for the sleeves. My "tools" are a small folding set on my keyring with my bike lock key, which has a carabiner and clips to my pants. I find carrying the CO2 much easier than a pump and, honestly, since I started carrying the flat gear I haven't had one =). I could shove a spare tube under my seat if I wanted but I'm proficient with a patch kit. If it's beyond patching, I'd call a friend and fold it into their car for a ride to a bike shop.

fietsbob 04-25-16 12:20 PM

Added the Carradice SQR SQR System to my Brompton seat post.

So I can put my Camper Long flap On ..

Paul Braithwait 04-25-16 03:48 PM

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I've recently bought an Arkel rack and bag to use on my Xootr Swift. It would not be strong enough to use on a fully loaded extended tour but for general riding and commuting it's fine. It has a quick release bracket that clamps to the saddle rails and a soft rubber grip that wraps around the seat post. It can be fitted and removed very quickly which is great for folding as the Xootr needs the seat post to be clear for the fold.

hatrack71 04-26-16 12:21 AM

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I run full front and rear racks on my Bike Friday New World Tourist. For my commuter folder, I like the rear basket and front bag as pictured on the Dahon. It's a really fun bike. Then I still have the Mobiky I'm trying to make rideable...replacing spokes today.

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