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Clawed 02-08-14 08:50 AM

Dahon stainless folder, should I buy it
There is a Dahon folding stainless steel bike for sale in Sarasota. It is the model with the brace that runs at an angle from near the seat up to near the handlebars, don't know the name of the model.
The picture looks good, and the writeup says the right things, but the price looks pretty high for an 80s bike. Any opinions?

Added question: Does anybody know if the stainless steel in the bike is magnetic or not? Some SS is attracted to a magnet so it's not a reliable indicator. Could also be chrome plated steel.

Ed in Toronto 02-08-14 09:11 AM

It looks clean, nice shape. If it is from the 1980s, you're going to need new brake pads, maybe new tires too. Rubber has probably turned hard. Grease might be dried out too, you might have to take apart the bottom bracket, clean it, and repack it with fresh grease. You might have to repack the pedals, hubs and headset with fresh grease also. That is if the old grease has dried out and turned hard.

wahoonc 02-08-14 10:24 AM

Not outrageously priced. Heads up though, the brake pads are angled and I have yet to find a replacement set. I have that same bike but in painted steel. I believe the stainless one was called a Mariner, the name has been recycled several times. I have the Dahon Classic III. I don't recall if the original Mariner came with fenders or not.

Aaron :)

zebede 02-09-14 12:05 PM

Get this one first.

I have had several of these and I like them very much (I have one right now waiting on a front wheel),

The stainless version is not worth that much extra in my book unless your a collector or are making a custom show bike.

The pictures make it seem in great condition, but look at the bolt heads and other non-stainless parts for rust.

If you buy it and need parts, help or advice give me a holler, I am in Bradenton.

- Bruce

ThorUSA 02-10-14 12:51 PM

I think the last one for 75 is a steel version .... for 75 an ok deal but not outrageous low priced either. The Stainless versions go for A LOT more ..cant seem to find the OP link anymore. But there is a but of course.
But these older Dahons are fun bikes, which have totally different riding abilities than the current ones, the stainless versions are indeed collector items and are hardly used for riding around.
Spares are basically no longer available after 30 years no big deal ...

Best Thor

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