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yumseyo 02-12-14 01:23 PM

Fnhon and LitePro accessories
Hi All, what are your experiences with Fnhon and LitePro accessories?

ThorUSA 02-12-14 01:42 PM

besides that they are blatant copies ..... not even the phantasy of getting a slightly more different company name ( fnhon ) as for litepro ... seems to be alright, but phantasy names for materials used instead of Alloy T 6 , 6065 for example... dont necesary oozes confident

rain13 02-12-14 09:20 PM

Maybe this blog can help...

MattCycle 02-12-14 10:53 PM


Originally Posted by rain13 (Post 16491592)
Maybe this blog can help...

I like that blog but I think the author also lives in Taiwan and can inspect and buy those items in person. The entire region isn't known for consistent quality control, which in my mind is what you are buying when a company with a presence in the US has vouched for it. Buying online you don't have the same ability to confirm that your LitePro isn't a knock off of a knock off. Without a reputable vendor I personally wouldn't take the chance of a seatpost sheering off.

andrew li 07-24-14 05:35 AM

3 Attachment(s) maybe it can help you

jur 07-24-14 05:46 AM

Is that chainring and guard machined out of a single piece?

andrew li 07-24-14 05:53 AM


Originally Posted by jur (Post 16969375)
Is that chainring and guard machined out of a single piece?

yes ,it is integrated。

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