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blakcloud 02-15-14 07:33 AM

Link to a Brompton S2L for sale
Not my bike, don't know the person, saw the ad on the RBW google group.

Look at the bottom of the page.

Ed in Toronto 02-15-14 09:22 AM

Just speculation on my part but looks like someone ordered the wrong options and now wants to sell it.

Two speed with a low ratio doesn't make sense unless it's just for a very hilly area or taking it easy and going for a slow leisurely ride. I don't know why anyone would get a Brompton with 2 speeds when the 3 speed costs the same and is less complicated.

Also low 'S' handlebar with an extra long seat post wouldn't suit everyone.

If he/she was asking less for it, then it would be worth it, to get higher handle bars (tall person) or the shorter seat post (regular height person). Also to get the 2-to-6 speed conversion kit.

fietsbob 02-15-14 10:14 AM

Looks like last years one piece 44t crank/chainring.. 2 speed a start off ratio and the 12:44 for rolling along

and the longer standard seatpost only adds 6cm and made of a bit thicker wall steel tube , so its not that big a deal.

and not even an upgrade, just an option at no extra cost on the build list.

I got mine, an M3L from someone in NJ wanting lighter .. He got an M2LX, as I understand..

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