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ziqpy 02-15-14 10:17 AM

None machined 451 rims?
Do they exist?

I know dahon had them on a few high end models maybe in 406? But can you order them seperately?

Only finding machined ones :(

fietsbob 02-15-14 10:36 AM

You mean rolled and pinned rims.. ? where have you searched?.

ziqpy 02-15-14 11:06 AM

Yes with no braking surface on them.

Googling, like a mad hatter, my frame will be here next week.

HGR3inOK 02-15-14 11:19 AM


Shipping might be pricey. :)

Norman, Oklahoma USA

ziqpy 02-15-14 12:03 PM

Thx for that, seems 406 way to go.

see if I can get them in black here, unless, someone makes a better suggestion

HGR3inOK 02-15-14 01:12 PM


Originally Posted by ziqpy (Post 16498220)
Thx for that, seems 406 way to go.

see if I can get them in black here, unless, someone makes a better suggestion

To clarify - DansComp does have 451 rims. See: x 1-1/8

and x 1-3/8

Norman, Oklahoma USA

thugpipe 02-16-14 10:47 PM

Velocity makes 406 rims without machined sidewalls, I used the non-MSW Aeroheat rims on my disc brake mini velo build but I had to order them direct from Velocity.

Or they offer the wider cliffhanger rim in non machined sidewall

Its funny but the A23 is the only 451 rim they offer now but they don't have that one in non-MSW in any size sadly. I hope this helps

ziqpy 02-17-14 03:56 AM

Thanks for that.

I was looking at the cx75 hubs which are 28 hole.

Are all shimano hubs able to take 105 cassettes?

thugpipe 02-17-14 07:52 AM

Going for center lock discs, I went for the 6 bolt disc setup because there seemed to be a wider variety of offerings and I got a good deal on my BB7 which came with rotors. I bought Sram X.7 hubs which I have been very happy with.

Any shimano 8,9, and 10 speed cassettes are pretty much universal and should fit any shimano or sram freehub except for some of the newer 11 speed hubs.

Are you looking to go for skinny or fat tires on your build? I assume you are leaning twards skinny given your leaning twards 451s.

ziqpy 02-17-14 08:16 AM

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Well i found you can get 406 BMX rims from alien nation. No brake rims.

I was thinking of using the cx75 hubs with R517 brakes and they are 28 holes. 10 speed 105 cassette with spacer.

thugpipe 02-17-14 10:19 AM

My only problem with BMX rims is the very wide profile of the rim, I went with the aeroheat rims because the rim is only 24mm wide and the 32h drilling works for me.

Not to presume too much but look into the installation and adjustability of those brakes before you buy them.

ziqpy 02-17-14 10:33 AM

have the pdf somewhere, they silver over the dark grey cx77 and both are adjustable at each side of pad, if i recall.

fietsbob 02-17-14 11:03 AM


Yes with no braking surface on them.

thugpipe 02-17-14 12:49 PM


Originally Posted by fietsbob (Post 16502759)

He is building a bike with disc brakes so I presume ziqpy prefers the look of a rim without the machining, its really just a style thing. Well that was my reasoning when I got mine at least

ziqpy 02-17-14 12:52 PM

I would have thought it would be stronger too.

fietsbob 02-17-14 12:59 PM

Small diameter is already a strength factor..

so extrusion die making a brake track or not, shape,

is not really a significant factor , but if the theory feels comfortable . go with it..

I got disc brakes and Sun CR18 406 rims, could put disc or rim brakes on them .

they're OK..

LittlePixel 02-18-14 11:27 AM

Spray paint / powder coating is your friend

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