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Looeez 02-19-14 11:52 PM

Alton 26" Folding Bike - worth buying?
I've been looking for a folding bike for some time. I don't need to carry it about, it would be in the car trunk until I take it out to ride and so I'm not concerned about the weight. I had been looking for a Raleigh Twenty however I have an opportunity to buy an Alton folding bike. I like the look of it and that it has 26" wheels and gears. But I can't find out much about it online - I found this page with some specs.

Do you think it's worth buying (it will be about $100) or should I hold out for a Raleigh Twenty?

Thanks for any help and insight you can offer!

ThorUSA 02-20-14 10:33 AM

you are close by that bike ? I would checkit out ... shipping from Korea around the world wouldnt make a lot of sense
. this is a pretty female looking bike ?
Raleigh Twenty are cool... but yoiu wont find anything for 100 dlr which will be worth restoring or modding, keep in mind that the twenties are labour of love where the owners spend a lot of money finding parts or converting newer parts to old tech.. and even if you s[end 500 bucks in making a twenty real cool, it still weighs north of 40 lbs ...

Looeez 02-20-14 12:32 PM

Thanks - the bike is second hand and so available locally so no shipping. I'm going to see it this weekend to check it out and also to make sure it would actually fit in my car trunk!

I'm not very knowledgeable about bike repair etc so I like lower maintenance bikes. This Alton has an enclosed chainguard which my regular bike has and I like that it has a rack also. The one I'm looking at doesn't have the basket but I can add one of those.

Looeez 02-21-14 05:51 PM

Sadly this bike didn't fit in my car trunk when folded so I didn't buy it - almost - so close!

I did try riding it though and it was a very comfortable ride although the gear shifting isn't great - but then I think I'm spoiled by the Nexus internal hub gears on my regular bike!

overbyte 02-24-14 09:43 PM

I've seen 26" folding bikes advertised, but I can't imagine why I would want one. They're too large to easily take with you on a bus, in a car, or on trains, except as checked baggage in a box. If you need to store them in a small garage locker, then maybe folding in half would help you but the bike is twice as wide so it may not help. They won't fit inside city bike lockers when folded because they're too wide. Amtrak won't let you bring them as carry-on baggage where there is no walk-on bike service because by Amtrak's definition a folding bike has small wheels. So, what niche does a 26" wheel folding bike fill? What itch does it scratch?

BikeLite 02-26-14 06:46 PM

Easier to store away in a studio apartment. Easier to store in a small car.

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