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Mr. Thompson 02-21-14 02:14 PM

A tale of four Bromptons or Titanium vs. Steel
My wife and I purchased a pair of Brommies from Portapedal last August. A few weeks after the purchase I was lamenting to the shop owner Al, that I wished we had purchased Superlights. As luck had it, Al had two on order. Done deal. :D We've had a couple of months with the Superlights now so it's time to share some thoughts.

I believe the weight difference is negligible unless you are a weight weenie, a persnickety, excessive, compulsive cyclist or have to carry the bike a lot. All but the last apply here. I understand that pilots prefer the two speed Superlight due to the additional weight savings. Bear in mind you will need to supply an inflation system as no pump is included. The weight advantage gets slimmer...

So if the weight is not the big deal, why Ti? Ride quality. We live in an area with terrible rural roads, think Paris-Roubaix. On rough surfaces the titanium parts add enough dampening to make a significant improvement, especially on the P bike. While both the M and P bikes benefit, the P bike has more vibration in the bars, especially when you are in the drops. The vast majority of this disappears with a Superlight P, including most of the dreaded hub trigger shifter rattle.

So there you have it. If you are particularly sensitive to vibration and or live in an area with rough roads, the titanium bits on a Superlight may be to your liking. I would not be to concerned about the weight savings unless you carry the bike a lot or plan to fly with the bike in light aircraft.

fietsbob 02-21-14 03:15 PM

As the rear is triangulated , most of the difference is in what you may feel with the Fork .. I expect.

... reminds me of old Thimble crown forks ..

bhkyte 02-21-14 03:23 PM

I don't if you could tell the difference in a blind test. But don't try it!!

Mr. Thompson 02-21-14 03:39 PM

A blind test on the P bike would be obvious. ;)

fietsbob 02-21-14 04:06 PM

hang onto the harness handle on the back of your dog for the blind test.

DoubleDiamonDog 02-21-14 05:50 PM

I understand that some also like the way the ti resists corrosion over time vs the steel...

bargainguy 02-21-14 08:09 PM

Interesting point. I'm also in central CA where there is a lot of exposed aggregate and washboarding of the roads. I have a steel road bike and a ti road bike in the same size, and the ti does much better at damping the buzz and shifting it up and away in frequency. I have not compared my steel brommie to ti brommies but am not surprised by the difference you report.

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