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gdlerner 02-24-14 02:02 AM

Foldavan lightweight folding bicycle caravan
Enjoy it

bhkyte 02-24-14 04:20 AM

Whatever.....just wasted a minute of my life lol.
Didn't need that minute anyway lol.

cplager 02-24-14 08:45 AM

I'd be much more impressed if it folded flat. I don't really like riding with a parachute behind me...

Rob_E 02-24-14 09:16 AM

I like the idea. In practice, I have a hard time imagining this as being easier to carry than a small tent. It does look like it would catch the wind. Still, I'm always interested in another take on the bike trailer camper.

The company also has designs for some folding boats that can be pulled behind the bike. I've been lusting after an Alpacka for some bike and boating trips, but there designs are pretty, and possibly cheaper than the Alpacka. But, again, not quite as compact.

bhkyte 02-24-14 01:07 PM

Folding boat yes please.

Silly caravan no. Tent has already been invented.

Still Pedaling 02-24-14 01:39 PM

Not a bad idea, but I would like one that folds down. It would appear that if you had a strong cross wind you might find yourself and your bike dangling from a kite :). So you stop for the night and wake up in the morning to find your Brommie gone. Now if they had one that would unfold with enough room for the Brommie as well.

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