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tk1971 02-28-14 04:48 AM

Carrying my kid on a Brompton
So, I've been playing around with the tag-along style attachment on our Bromptons:

Although it's certainly fun, I'm getting ready for some light travel to the bay area and wanted to do more with less. I need to carry less stuff and I don't want to risk getting the whole family mowed down while riding in unfamiliar territory.

With some judicious googling, I found the IT Chair. Aside from the cost, it looks to be a set height. Probably requires too tall a position for my wife.

I also found the DIY IT Chair by some guy in the Philippines, so I figure I can go the DIY route.

I made two of these (one for each bike) so that our family of 4 can enjoy the SF Bay Trail once we get there.

I started off with the trailer hitch and saddle from the WeeRide Co-Pilot tag-along attachment bike. Then a 25.4mm x 12" steel seatpost, and a mtb stem I had laying around. Bought some aluminum flat from Lowes. I used something called Alumiweld to braze the shaped aluminum flat to the stem. It was tricky cutting the stem at the correct angle, since it required lots of fitting. As for protecting my frame, I cut up a piece of washing machine drain hose. The final piece was foot pegs for the kids. I was all ready to make a set, but was apprehensive about strapping stuff to my Brompton frame. Then the perfect solution was staring right back at me, in the form of the S luggage frame. My kid can rest his feet on the S-Frame.

My kids are 6 and 4 years old, and neither of them over 45 pounds. Initial test rides are good. Everyone's happy.

Here it is, more or less (still needs to be tightened up to this bike, etc).

cplager 02-28-14 06:56 AM

Can you mount something for them to put their feet on that won't get in the way of pedaling?

Sitting without being able to take the wait of of your bum may not be comfortable for very long...

tk1971 02-28-14 08:47 AM

They place their feet on the front luggage rack, and their hands on the handlebars. During the test rides, they seem fine.

ThorUSA 02-28-14 10:11 AM

just make sure they have very good helmets on at all time .... cant comment on the safety aspect. I think this has been done before... and the peeps were pretty happy with the results...
My suggestion always seem to be to use a child Trailer instead, but I can see the reasoning why not as well..

What I di notice is that your brake levers are really down and your seat is really far forward. Are you to much in front of the bike ? Just wondering

tk1971 02-28-14 11:33 AM

I actually have 2 Burley trailers (both a single and a double occupant). Even with the flag and 2 - 3 lights blinking, people in cars are just not "programmed" to notice trailers. I've had people lunge forward or attempting to back up as soon as I passed, not registering that my toddler is behind me in a trailer. Happened twice, so there won't ever be a third time.

The Wee-Ride works, but it's a bit clumsy and there's not a lot of opportunity for evasive action. Putting that much faith in the skill and alertness of drivers is just not going to happen.

The IT Chair, Tyke Toter, and even the iBert (which I also have) puts the child right where I can see them. That may or may not make a difference, but it makes me feel safer about it.

As far as brake levers, that's how they are, as I understand it. Same as on my wife's Brompton (both S Types). I've tried rotating them up, but it prevents the bike from folding. Regarding the seat, we're still making adjustments for fit. That's what we use the weekend neighborhood rides for. Still got a month before our little trip.

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