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keyven 03-04-14 09:11 AM

Is there a trick for unfolding the Brompton with the C-Bag attached to the FCB?
Because if there is, I don't see it. Obviously I rather not have to unclip the bag before unfolding the bike if possible, but it seems like the stem-hinge's screw handle is just half an inch too long. It keeps grating against the base of the bag support frame when I try to tighten it.

Seems like a design oversight on Brompton's part. I guess I could use a hacksaw and shorten it myself, but surely Brompton must have noticed this? Or is there a good reason why it is so?

fietsbob 03-04-14 10:42 AM

Never noticed an issue

Rear Wheel under, then, fold front wheel back first, then fold the bars down ,

and lower the seat post..

Fully stuffed Pockets on the back of the bag may interfere with the stem mast fold down..

.. leave starboard pocket empty.

the shopping basket does not have back pockets, so that interference is gone..

a 'Why it is so?' , may be answered by asking someone at the Brompton company ,
via their contact link.

keyven 03-04-14 07:07 PM

Hmm I'll give your suggestion a try when I'm back home. It doesn't seem like a pocket thing. The hinge scrapes against the plastic portion of the bracket itself, not the C-bag proper... so maybe even the Shopping Basket might cause problems.

I'll also ask Brompton and put the reply up here. Hasn't anyone else notice this problem?

keyven 03-05-14 07:32 AM


Thank you for your observation.

I have asked our design team about this and they were able to inform me that if you want to keep the luggage mounted at the same time as completely folding up the bicycle, then just as you describe, the longer side of the hinge clamp lever conflicts slightly with the back of the luggage frame. To complete the final stage of the fold it is much more convenient to remove the luggage. .

Perhaps surprisingly, this point has been raised with us on only a few occasions.

Our design team feel that on the whole our bicycle users value being able to use the clamp as quickly and easily as possible above wanting to keep the luggage mounted through all the stages of the fold.

I do understand the desire to keep the luggage mounted to the frame, though. Some people are able to lift the folded bicycle with the luggage attached and this can leave them with a spare hand/arm which is useful when passing through station ticket-barriers, for example.

To achieve both requirements at the same time, it would appear necessary to either redesign the back of the luggage frame or shorten the longest side of the hinge clamp lever. The second of these options will reduce the ease of use of the hinge clamp lever, but perhaps could be done relatively easily as a modification if you wish.

Mounting the bracket further forward is unlikely to be a good idea because it would also require a different front carrier block, which will cause greater leverage, and less strength.

Our design team has been glad to receive this feedback and although we do not currently have plans to change this aspect of the design, the point has been noted and will doubtless be looked at again at alter date.

Thank you very much for taking the time and trouble to communicate your observation to us. I do hope you can enjoy continued use of you bicycle without much impediment by this aspect of luggage use.

Kind Regards
John Colwell

GoodShipRuffles 03-05-14 08:22 AM

I only recently realised you could attach the bag with the bike folded! Must be slow on the uptake. I also used to remove the brake blocks when changing the pads. Duh!

Ed in Toronto 03-05-14 08:22 AM

Although it doesn't solve your problem, it was nice of them to answer with so much detail.

keyven 03-05-14 08:57 AM


Originally Posted by Ed in Toronto (Post 16549946)
Although it doesn't solve your problem, it was nice of them to answer with so much detail.

Yes it is. I guess it is up to the user to do the simple modification. It's less than a quarter of an inch to file off and it should be fine.

fietsbob 03-05-14 10:25 AM

I've 'seen' aftermarket T bolts .. premium priced , for gram shavers .

keyven 03-05-14 07:53 PM


Originally Posted by fietsbob (Post 16550412)
I've 'seen' aftermarket T bolts .. premium priced , for gram shavers .

Nice~ but I'm not sure they would make much difference though.

I did find a rather messy alternative - switch the standard unfolding sequence by clamping the main body first, THEN pull up and clamp the handlebar. Currently it's quite annoying to do with a bulky bag, but I'm hoping practice makes perfect :thumb:

fietsbob 03-06-14 12:53 PM

using the bars to fold the main hinge back , and turn the front wheel so as to engage the hook
on the left side of the fork , over the right folded under rear chainstay tube.
is simpler, IMO, than folding down the stem first , then folding back the wheel ..

I use the hole in the catch lever on the mounting block .. and tie a cord thru it and loop it behind the headset.

it makes popping your front bag off simple, so as to remove it then re install it quite a bit simpler..

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