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stevekk 03-08-14 09:09 AM

Pedals.. on my Dahon Speed UNO
They sure seem like crap.
Do they have any bearings in them at all?
When I try to spin them by hand, they don't.
I see they are riveted shut, so can't take apart... to lube up.

Any suggestions on making these things have less DRAG..
Or maybe I should just replace? Any ideas?

Call Me Al 03-08-14 10:38 AM

Does the Mu still come with Suntours? I found mine hard on folding pedals initially. I bought some wellgos and its much better. I am all so very careful never to to let the bike rest on the pedals in bus lockers and car boots!

stevekk 03-08-14 01:24 PM

Yes, they are Suntours on my UNO.
Very stiff when I try to spin them. All sealed. No way to get inside.

fietsbob 03-08-14 01:34 PM

MKS QR may be nicer ..

stevekk 03-08-14 01:42 PM

Thanks... never heard of detachable pedal before. Do you have to worry about someone stealing.
What about the MKS FD-7? 39 bucks on Amazon. They fold.

I assume my bike is 9/16"?

Is MKS a OK brand?

HGR3inOK 03-08-14 03:30 PM


Originally Posted by stevekk (Post 16559846)
... I see they are riveted shut, so can't take apart... to lube up. ...

When the pedal is folded, I think you may be able to pry off the round cap that covers the bearings. The cap says "Suntour" on it. I replaced the bearings in a set of these pedals a few years ago. My recollection is that the caps fit tightly and were not easy to remove. I believe I used a sewing needle to get between the edge of the cap and the pedal axle housing.

Norman, Oklahoma USA

smallwheeler 03-08-14 03:42 PM


Originally Posted by stevekk (Post 16560335)
Is MKS a OK brand?

common knowledge they are excellent quality pedals.

i use lambdas on my BF classic and touring lite™ on my mini velo. precision bearings and cro-mo spindles. very long life. the grips on the lambdas are adjustable set screws.

fietsbob 03-08-14 03:43 PM

both of those are available in the Ezy QR versions

stevekk 03-08-14 07:30 PM

Thanks everybody.

Also thanks Hank, and yes I see the "cap".
So there is a way for me to access the bearings and lube.
Maybe thats the way I will go.
But the other options are great too. Learned a lot from everyone.

overbyte 03-09-14 10:15 AM

I bought some all-alloy Suntour non-folding pedals for my touring bike a while ago. The bearings were somewhat tight when I first installed them, but after a few weeks of riding, they were no longer too tight and now spin very well.

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