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Still Pedaling 03-08-14 03:55 PM

Bickerton Portables
I came across this website a few moments ago and was intrigued by the company. The company started up in 1968 advertising a folding bike that weighed in at 17lbs with an all aluminum frame. It's an interesting story of an interesting English company that is still manufacturing FBs.

Someone in Phoenix is selling a used one for $130.

cpg 03-08-14 04:29 PM

I am currently in the process of restoring one that was given to me by a friend who has more Bickertons than he really needs. The frame hinge was bent, I think due to someone too heavy for the bike riding it, or hitting a big pot hole. I have machined a new one which will hopefully last a lot longer. These bikes have really started to grow on me and can be quite nicely restored, see Elvis Shumaker's restoration here:
Production of the first generation ceased in the 1980s and replaced by a re-badged Dahon, which I believe also ceased in the 1980s. Its good to see the name back again and that Mark Bickerton is behind the relaunch. The new bikes look very nice.

rhenning 03-08-14 04:31 PM

I have both models for my collection. The original with 14 inch front and 16 inch rear tires and the Country with 16 inch front and 20 inch rear tires. They are the worst riding bikes of the 80 I own. By a very big margin. If you want it as a collectable it might be okay but don't plan to use it as an everyday rider. As you ride the bikes and pedal the handle bars and front end go from right to left depending which foot you are pushing down. They might be 17 pounds but they are made of very cheap low strength aluminum of the type you would buy at a hardware store. If you want a bike to ride save your money. Roger

smallwheeler 03-08-14 05:01 PM

no, they are not primo bikes, but they are quite fun to pootle around on. i had fun restoring one.

this one is pretty cool:

rhenning 03-09-14 05:10 PM

The girl is anyway. Not so much the bike. Roge

smallwheeler 03-09-14 05:25 PM


Originally Posted by rhenning (Post 16563178)
The girl is anyway. Not so much the bike. Roge

response predicted.

smallwheeler 03-09-14 06:34 PM

by the way, here's a nicely done re-vamp/upgrade by elvis shumaker: (note the 305 front wheel)

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